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Chemistdan Level 1 (0 points)
I have 5 purchases from iTunes that will not download. Whenever I open iTunes, they begin to download, and then error code -100000 pops up saying the files are corrupted. I have tried going to users/music/itunes/itunesmusic/downloads. But the files aren't there. I read that if you can find where the files are on your system then you can delete them and re-download the intact files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

24" iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Jose Posadas Level 1 (35 points)
    Same here I have 1 itunes plus file that will not download with similar error. ANy ideas out there?
  • DMG83 Level 1 (0 points)
    I Have the same problem I purchased two songs the purchases were successful, but when I tried to download them ino my iTunes it is saying that the files are corrupt. And telling me to click on "available downloads" but the same thing happens "corrupt files" what happened.

    BTW: This only happened after I downladed the iTunes version 9.

  • Daniel Torrey Level 1 (0 points)
    This is a huge problem for Apple. It's happening to me all the time. They've given me track credits several times, and so far I haven't been able to use them all up because the new tracks that I pick to buy with my credits have the same problem!

    Sometimes you can tell beforehand when a file won't download because it's corrupt, if you try to preview it it doesn't play. Other times it plays fine in preview but you can't download it.

    I think these guys made some big changes to the iTunes fileservers and something went wrong. If it happens to you, go to the iTunes support page and do "live chat" and COMPLAIN LOUDLY until you get a refund or a credit, whichever you want. Sometimes they'll credit you right away and other times they'll tell you they can't. That's a lie. They can and MUST give you your choice of a track credit or a refund to your charge card for a bad app download. They've clearly been told to try to drag the conversation out and do everything to avoid refunds, but if you are inisistent they'll eventually give you one.

    Be sure to go through the little survey at the end of the chat, it's the only way to get a transcript of the chat emailed to you. You definitely want the chat transcript because these guys will flat-out lie to you and you may need proof of what they said.

    This whole mess has really ruined the store for me. It's entirely impulse-driven, and when it's a hassle it just makes me want to go buy from Amazon's MP3 library instead. I've had excellent luck with the iTunes Store, both for music and apps, until the Snow Leopard/iTunes 9 upgrade. Now I have a 10% failure rate for downloads.

    Wake up Apple, this is COSTING YOU MONEY!
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    I've had this same problem both on the touch and itunes. Apple was no help so i had to trouble shoot it myself. When it happened on my touch I just transferred the download to itunes and it was able to download it.

    As for Windows XP don't know about others but, I had to disable all of my protection IE Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and spyware detector. Then by some miracle it worked.
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    Just wanted to add that I too had this problem which was incredibly frustrating. The only solution I have found to work is pausing Kaspersky's protection then checking for available downloads on Itunes which will successfully redownload the song file, which isn't corrupted and plays normally. Hope Apple fixes this soon...

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    Kate G, you are a life saver!

    I had 3 songs that were corrupted and nothing that I could find on google helped me fix the problem. This also includes emailing Apple support staff!


    After seeing your post, I paused Kaspersky's and the songs downloaded correctly.


    Thanks again!!!

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    Thank you Kate G! Just worked for me as well - had a single song which was album only and corrupted, was scared I was never going to get it. Many thanks again, pausing Kaspersky worked for me.

  • Xtinktor Level 1 (20 points)

    How do we know if we have Kaspersky or not & how do we pause it?

    The song I'm having problems with is part of a full album I bought, so this is dually frustrating!

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    Im running OS Lion and the solution Google told me was to go to Users\User\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Downloads and to delete the corrupted TMP file. But I can only go as far as Users\User\Music\iTunes. There is no iTunes Music folder. There is an iTunes Media Folder but no downloads folder just "Automatically Add to iTunes Folder" "Mobile Applications" "Movies" "Music" folders. Inside the Music folder was a folder for each of my iTunes artists, and the particular artist whose song was corrupted was there, but the song was not in that folder. Please someone email me vivalaryan54@gmail.com i need help.

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    Thank you, Kate G...after ripping out what little hair on my head I have left, I disabled Kaspersky, and it worked! Thanks for posting this!

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    Were you able to fix this? I see the same files with any movie that I try to download. Very frustrating, havent seen this earlier, could have started after the latest update.

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    I am experiencing the same error message (err = -100000).  Itunes support acknowledged three weeks ago the error was on there end and they still have not fixed the corrupted files (the continuing story of bungalow bill and Baby your a rich man).  Problems like these are extremley frutstrating to say the least, and are often exacerbated by itunes "support" which is non existent.  Heed my advice apple, neglect your loyal customers and suffer the same max exodus as Blackberry!!