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After upgrading to 3.0, some of my songs do not play on my iphone. The ablum artwork shows up as does the progress bar. Everything looks normal, except no music. It happens to both downloaded songs from iTunes and songs from my CD Library that I have put on iTunes. I have always used the same data type for all downloading and ripping of my music, so I have eliminated that possiblity. Any ideas?

iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.0
  • Jason L Community Specialists

    Do the songs play in iTunes on your computer?

    If you haven't already try restarting the iPhone. You can restart the iPhone by holding the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears> then slide to turn off> and turn the iPhone back on by pressing the Sleep/Wake again, as described on page 46 of the iPhone User Guide.

    Try removing the music from the iPhone and syncing it to the iPhone again.

    You can also try restoring the iPhone to rule out any issues with the iPhone software. This article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414 will walk you through restoring the iPhone.

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    Thanks Jason,

    Yes, they do play on iTunes on my computer. I have resarted my iPhone numerous times, that doesn't seem to help. I have also taken the music off and synced it back on. I have thought of restoring the phone, but I have an old computer so its a drawn out process, so I was hoping to find another solution. I will probably have to try that next. Thanks.
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    eleazar51 -- did restoring the iPhone work? I have the same problem, where the phone will only play about 50% of my library. Artwork and everything is there, just no music.