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i had to restore my laptop yesterday because of a virus, no other way of getting rid of it. before i did this i changed the settings on my ipod to manually manage, thinking that when i sorted my laptop out i could easily plug it in and take the music from it.

i downloaded the new itunes earlier, plugged in my ipod. and it kept coming up as it being a camera. not an ipod, so i followed the steps to make it not register as a digital camera, but now its just not showing up in windows at all. but still is on itunes?

i dont know how to do it, or is the only way to just unclick manually manage and let it sink, meaning i lose all the music on my ipod? :/

ipod touch 2nd generation, Windows XP
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    The Touch is not like other iPods where it can be seen as a disk drive such that you can copy the music back to your computer manually. Instead, you'll need to use a 3rd party application to do the dirty work for you (there are plenty of them out there, just do a Google search).

    Alternatively, if you ONLY have iTunes purchases on your Touch then you could connect the Touch to iTunes and you would be prompted to copy purchased content to the library, but anything not purchased through iTunes would be lost.
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    thanks for that

    do you have any ideas about why its not showing up in windows? it's showing up on itunes, meaning that it must be showing up somewhere on the computer? but just not on window itself. And will the third party application still work in this case?
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    do you have any ideas about why its not showing up in windows?

    Because it's not supposed to as already mentioned above! The iPod touch does not mount in Windows Explorer as a drive.
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    The Touch does not show up in Windows like other iPods in disk mode. In fact, there is no disk mode for the Touch. But if you save any screen shots on the Touch then it might show up in Windows as a device, but you'd only see the picture files from the screen shots, not the music or video files.

    Yes these third party applications work just fine with the Touch, just be sure that they say they do, and look for free ones to try out. I've used "Music Rescue" and the free version lets you transfer 50 songs at a time -- you can do more but you have to keep pressing "continue" every 50 songs or something like that. Also note that these programs will not transfer song ratings, playcounts, or smart playlists (at least the ones I know of don't).