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i have a first gen ipod touch that i got in christmas of 2007.
it's only given me problems a few times, and i use it every day.
but lately, it's been acting really wierd.

a few weeks ago i went to use it. when i went to type my passcode i had to press the numbers more than once to get them to type. then after it was unlocked it wouldn't always respond to my finger. i would have to lock it then unlock it to get it to do something. i reset it a few times but that didnt help so i just put it down and when i used it the next day it worked fine, and it's been working fine until yesterday.

ever since yesterday the touch screen works for about three or four actions then i have to lock it and unlock it again to get it to work. and even after i do that, it stops working after a few touches or swipes. i've reset it a few times with no help and i even let it just sit there and charge all yesterday afternoon, last night, and today but it still wont work. even when i type my passcode, or even when its locked but i double click the home button to pause music - it still doesnt respond. but the home button and lock buttons work fine its just the home screen.

i want to do a restore, but what will happen if i do? will i lose everything thats on it??

what do you think i should do?

hp, Windows Vista, 8gb iPod touch first generation, 3.0