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Dear All,

few days ago, my computer froze, may be because I was running too much programs. Anyway,

I shut it down by holding the Power button. When I ran it again, it showed me white screen, and in the middle of the white screen there is a folder flashing at me. The folder has question mark on it (?).

What is wrong with my computer?

somebody tell me please,


iMac 24inch, 3.04 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 4G RAM
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    The flashing question mark indicates that the startup disk could not be found or that you're holding down the mouse or trackpad button. If you see the flashing question mark and then it goes ahead and starts up then all you need to do is set the startup disk in the Startup Disk preferences. If your computer is not starting up then you should follow the steps under the heading "Steps for Mac OS X" in this link: [A flashing question mark appears when you start your Mac|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1440].

    Most likely, one of those steps in the link will solve the problem. If not, you might have directory damage that's too severe for Disk Utility (mentioned in the link) to handle or you might even have a mechanically dead hard disk.
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    I hope you have a backup. It sounds as if your HD has crashed.

    Boot into your Leopard DVD by inserting DVD, rebooting and holding down the "C" key.
    After the language screen, in the menu, top left under Utilities, run disk utility and verify/repair HD.
    If you cannot boot into the DVD, the problem may be your logic board or one of its components.
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    Thank you all very much. It looks like the problem was from the mouse or the keyboard. Because sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't.
    You guys so helpful, I think Steve Jobs should pay you. If you were not here, I don't know where else I would go

    Best regards,