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I have dial up network. When I try to download iTunes on my new Dell laptop, it takes 10 hrs and my dial up only allows me to be online 3 hrs at at time. I can't get the download to finish. My other computer crashed so I cannot copy my iTunes file from it to put on the new one plus the laptop is XP and the disc that came with my iTunes will not download on XP. What do I do? Can i get a disc to download, where and from whom? thanks for any help i can get.

dell inspiron, Windows XP, dial up network
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    One solution is to probably try seeking your mates who have DSL or cable to help you download it, and pass it to you through a flash drive or CD-R.

    If that's not possible, then what you can do is to download a downloading agent called '*Download Accelerator*'. It allows you to pause your download and resume the download where you last stopped, so you won't have to re-download the whole thing all over again.
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    I have tried having someone else download it to a flashdrive and put it on the laptop but it won't install because it says I need QuickTimes so I tried to install QuickTimes and it says I already have a version on my computer. Where I do not know as I have looked in every file there is. Kind of at a loss.
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    Maybe you should hunt for QuickTime in your PC since the error says you have a previous version installed. Try doing this:

    Control Panel > Add or Remove Hardware > QuickTime. Remove the previously installed one if it's indeed installed.

    Once you've done so, ask your friend to also download the latest version of QuickTime along with the latest version of iTunes. Once you've acquired both of them, install QuickTime first, then the iTunes. Hope this helps.
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    thank you, i will certainly try that. appreciate the help.
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    The iTunes installer will also install QuickTime.
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    Well I tried to uninstall Quick Times but cannot seem to find it anywhere on my computer although when I try to download it, it says it can't because I already have a version of it installed. Now what? thanks for all your help.
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    QM, I'm stuck with dial-up, too.

    A question about your laptop - did it come with a wireless card installed? I have a 2 year old Dell laptop myself and it came with the wireless card.

    When I have large files to d/l(like iTunes updates or purchases from the iTunes store), I usually take it to the local library or a restaurant or bookstore that offers free wifi to get the job done. Maybe you can do that?

    Hope this is some help.
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    It did come with a wireless card. I will take it to a friends house and see if that works for me. thanks.