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ausher1880 Level 1 Level 1
ok not that im gonna do this, but lets say if the coating gets scratched up and looks like crap what could i use to completly remove it? i take it that the screen is glass so pretty much any chemical could be used like acetone and or fingernail polish remover. paint thinners ect...

an old p4 sony vaio and a problem free 32 gig 3gs (problem free so far...), Windows XP Pro
  • xrayeyes1502 Level 1 Level 1
    Try it, be the guinea pig for us!

    I look forward to hear all about it.
  • ausher1880 Level 1 Level 1
    I will once it gets scratched up. I tried to replace the screen protector and wasted two trying to get em on bubble free without crap stuck underneath, but no luck with that so I'm not using one.
  • ShadyMac Level 4 Level 4
    My understanding of the olephobic coating is that it is not a separate layer...thus using a harsh remover like that may cause unwanted damage to the screen...

    It's quite simple to adhere the screen protectors with a bit of strategy...

    They all come with a lint remover sticky...use that then remove the backing from the cover, place it over the earpiece hole or the Home button to align the protector, then with the other hand have like your drivers license and slide the ID across the protector moving down slowly, this will avoid any bubbles and lint being under the protector when completed.
  • Malcolm Rayfield Level 7 Level 7
    There are reports that Apple stores can recoat the screen in about ten minutes.
  • guitar2 Level 1 Level 1
    The best way to put a screen protector on is:

    Go into the bathroom and turn on the shower, dont turn on the exhaust fan.

    Wait a min or two for it to get a little steamy.

    Peel the back off of the screen protector and place it on the iphone.

    The steam takes all of the dust out of the air, and makes a bit of condensation on the screen of the iphone...

    This works perfectly. I have done it on multiple iphones, you cannot even tell that I have a screen protector on.

    Just dont turn the shower on too too hot, your iphone will get too much condensation...but I'm pretty sure that is self explanatory.
  • Omer Bila Level 1 Level 1
    Why would you want any condensation near your phone? It can activate and change the color on the sensor at the top and/or bottom of the phone and void your warranty. I have placed numerous screen protectors on, without any dust or problems, with just good lighting, a screen wipe cloth, and a screen cleaner.
  • RKahl Level 1 Level 1
    I agree. Its very hard not to have bubbles under your screen protector, so use something like a credit card to get the biggest ones out. The bubbles will disappear in a couple of days. It's just like getting your windows tinted, bubbles will show up, but the layer is breathable... Allowing the bubbles to escape.