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I am attempting to move my iTunes and iPod Nano 3rd gen to a new Dell Inspirion 1545 with no luck. It all works fine on my old xp setup. Setting up the new laptop is not working I continue to receive the same error message. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes 8 multiple times. It shows up fine. I connect my iPod(it has newest version of 8 from old xp laptop) and the problems begin. It will sync or so it says but not really. The last time it removed some music but no podcasts. I have done the 5 r's until I'm blue in the face. I have followed the Apple tech sheet ts1538 and others with no luck. What I am finally seeing is that as soon as the sync process occurs the usb driver goes weird and gives me the error 21 messsage. If I look at the device driver info without a sync all is well. As soon as the sync attempts, it locks up this driver. Restarts release the driver until a sync occurs. At no point does the iPod show up as a device on my computer. Please if anyone has a clue let me know. I've googled and searched
Apple high and low to no avail.

Dell Inspirion 1545, Windows Vista, Windows 32
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    I am also having a problem with my iPod Nano, wont connect to USB port. I have tried multiple computers, multiple cords and no change. I can however charge the device, as soon as I plug it in to the USB drive it will give it a charge but it will not be recognized as a device. Any ideas? I've got a call into Apple and they should be calling me shortly. I will provide any additional information on this forum as it comes to me.
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    This is a problem also with the ipod classics aswell. If i get any solutions i will post on here for everyone