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Hi all,
I am not sure if my network/laptop were accessed externally or not. Could I have some opinions/advice please.

I have a G4 PowerBook (running OS X 10.5.8) and an iMac (Intel chip, running OS X 10.5.8) wirelessly networked via an older style Airport Extreme (network settings: g). Everything is password protected. I tend to leave everything turned on and available as in my 5 years of being a Mac fan, I have not had any security or virus issues whatsoever - I love that!

Mostly I use my PowerBook, and will simply shut the lid while I do other things. I re-boot when things start to run slow (depending on what I am doing that could be about once/week or even once/month).

Last night I had been using my PowerBook, left it for a while (lid shut) and then came back and opened the lid. As it 'came back to life' and re-established its network/internet connections, I received a pop-up message along the lines of: "G4LocalName" is already in use - G4LocalName_2 will be used for this session".

G4LocalName is presumably the identity of my PowerBook on my local network.

I used the Airport Utility to try and see if anyone else was accessing my network, but because the PowerBook was in need of a reboot (running slow), it all became too difficult. I shut everything down for the evening, including my internet modem.

So, my query is: was someone else accessing my network and possibly my computers? Or, because the G4 PowerBook was in need of a reboot, could it simply have been an issue with slow response and the Network simply assigned an extra identity because it was still holding the old one from my previous session?

I will be changing all passwords this morning, but am just wondering whether there is anything else I need to do?


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