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I have a iphone 3G with a bunch of apps on it but i have a question.
My old computer that my iphone was recently crashed and i have a bunch of apps on my iphone so my question is what would happen if i sync my iphone into my new computer? will i keep all the apps? even though i bought them on different accounts?

3G, iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    Please i really need the answer Quick!
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    When you sync to a different computer, all itunes content will be erased from your iphone and replaced with itunes content from the new computer.

    Iphone will sync itunes content and pics from ONE computer at a time.

    You can re-download apps for free, this is not the case with other itunes content.
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    Purchased music and apps can be transferred to the new computer from the iPhone. Music from sources other than the iTunes store cannot. FIRST authorize the new computer in the iTunes store to all accounts that you used to purchase content. Then go to Preferences and chose to not automatically sync. Then connect the iPhone and choose "Transfer Purchases..." from the File menu.
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    Quick question, when you say 'itunes content' will be erased does that mean the likes of SMS messages, e-mails and settings are not erased when you sync with a new computer?

    I'm in a similar situation, just got a new laptop for uni and have migrated everything over (all music video, apps etc via the new home sharing, and export/import ical and address book). However, i'm worried about when I sync my iphone i'll lose my messages and settings etc. When it re-syncs does it fully restore?

    Hope you can help!
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    iTunes content includes iTunes content only - what is in your iTunes library- music, video, podcasts, and 3rd party apps. SMS, email accounts and email messages, and settings are not iTunes content.

    When transferring iTunes content from another computer, all iTunes content that was transferred from a different computer will be erased from the iPhone first. The entire iPhone is not erased.

    I purchased a new MacBook Pro a couple of months ago. I used an external firewire drive that I use for backup purposes to copy/transfer the iTunes named folder from my PowerBook to my MBP. With iTunes quit on my MBP, I place the iTunes named folder from my PowerBook at Home > Music. When I launched iTunes on my MBP, it was the same as launching iTunes on my PowerBook, and my iPhone was not erased of all iTunes content the first time I synced my iPhone with iTunes on my MBP.