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    Larger file, lower quality, you say. Right! So QT Pro is utterly useless in that respect.

    That 's where MPEG Streamclip comes in. It doesn't, like you put it, "export" stuff (i.e. re-encode), it simply *changes the container format* into avi. No change in file size, no loss of quality, no re-encoding whatsoever.

    From then on QT (Pro) does indeed do exactly what your initial post asked for, with a little help from Perian.

    best of luck,

    PS. Now, when all is said, the above been done, by you, what does one make of that last paragraph's advice of yours to others?
  • Noah Sorscher Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    yliu wrote:

    3. You can extract the video and audio tracks from the container and put it in a Perian-compatible container.

    A much easier way is to make a dummy avi file and just NAME IT the same as your movie (or name your subs the same as the dummy avi file). Open the dummy avi (Perian will now load the subs file), copy the subs track and add it to your mp4 or mov movie document (requires QuickTime Pro).

    I did this with a 2-frame avi file (scaled out to longer than movie-length) exported from QTPro, and it weighs in at 16 KB. I can re-use it forever on new movie titles.

    I'm writing this workaround into my movie-player app (metadata hootenanny) and it should be transparent shortly... stay tuned. But in the mean time, anyone can do what I described above in about 5 minutes.
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    As far as QuickTime not supporting soft subtitles, it does have a menu View > Subtitles. Does that mean it only allows you to go to View > Subtitles for a hard subtitle?

    To all of you who are trying to answer the question "How can I convert my MP4 file?" you can give up. I do not want to know that. I don't need a work-around. I already know how to convert the MP4 to AVI and, yes, that plays soft subtitles fine with Perian. I don't need suggestions for other players. I already have other players that can play MP4 with soft subtitles. I am not happy with the performance of other players (ESPECIALLY VLC that is dreadful compared with QuickTime). I want to know what method (be it plugin, codec, or actual deep hack of QuickTime -- I have no fear of breaking it, got backup) can ACTUALLY allow QuickTime (not VLC) to play MP4 (not AVI) with soft (not hard) subtitles. Sorry to be blunt, but that is the question.
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    Moof666 wrote:
    I want to know what method can ACTUALLY allow QuickTime (not VLC) to play MP4 (not AVI) with soft (not hard) subtitles.

    If you can settle for MOV instead of MP4, then here is the method:
    1. Open the mp4 in this program: and it will add the external sub files from the same folder
    2. Save the movie (it will be saved as MOV)
    3. Play the saved MOV in QT or any other player

    Benefits: takes no time, requires no re-encoding or quality loss, soft-subs are retained, QT-native playback, not dependent on any particular player.
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    Subler really really works...
    Fast, effective and it does what it says on the tin...

    Nice one...
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    THE SOLUTION - MAC PLAY .MP4 movie file with .SRT subtitles in QUICKTIME

    1. DOWNLOAD Metadata Hootenanny
    2. Move your .srt subtitle file into the same director as the .mp4 movie
    3. Rename the .srt file to the identical name of the .mp4 movie. Only the file extension should be different. e.g. movie.mp4 &
    4. Launch Metadata Hootenanny
    5. Open your .mp4 movie file
    6. On the interface window - click the "i" information icon on the bottom right hand corner
    7. On the new window click - [Select Languages] and select the Subtitle languages you wish to use
    8. Below this click [ Copy all selected languages on save]
    9. Press the play button to preview your subtitles in the movie. when your happy - press stop.
    10. Goto FILE / SAVE
    11. Select [Save in Source Folder]
    12. Select [Save As Reference Movie]
    13. Click [SAVE]

    IMPORTANT!!! In the simplest terms ...
    This process does not re-encode the video file so it maintains the original video and audio quality. It just creates a reference file (in this case a .mov file) that QUICKTIME can open and see where the Subtitles are.

    The process will only take a few second and you will here a chime! - That was bloody Quick!

    Now you should have 3 files in your movie folder.

    Go to Quicktime Player and open the file

    Quicktime will now play the movie using the original .mp4 source file with the Subtitles

    Wow! How easy was that!

    Now lets hope that APPLE or PERIAN update the .MP4 codec to allow selection of SUBTITLES in Quicktime.

    Cheers : )
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    A bit complicated, wouldn't you say? What if he wants to sync his .mp4 to his AppleTV?
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    How about this: Use Handbrake to make a new file in which the subtitles are hard-coded in. The program actually allows you to import an external .srt file (under the Subtitles tab), so once it's all done encoding you'll have your movie, in whatever format you prefer, even mp4, with subtitles intact.
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    Oops, sorry, OP, I see that you're not after hard subs at all. My mistake. I came to this forum with the same issues as you, but my thing is I'd like to be able not only to watch the movie in question with subtitles intact and without the various problems that VLC and even Movist enter into the equation (Movist seems great except it's got this audio-lagging or -outrunning-the-video problem), but also to hard-code the subtitles from the .srt file into the video (i.e., creating a new file) so that I can then load the movie onto my phone/iPod/PS3.
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    Subler (free)
    iSubtitle (shareware)

    Just add .srt to .MP4 and save. Both completly solve the problem.
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    I tried Subler, and it worked, but only if I play the mp4 with QT Player 7 (Pro), it didn't work with the new QT Player.
  • Aristarchus Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Well, it looks complicated, but your instructions are very clear and it works. Thank you very much. I spent a couple of hours trying different things, fianlly I have a working solution.
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    Yeah your advice was great! I just tried using it, and it worked like a charm, simple and quick...

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    I downloaded VLC and that solve my problem. Worked extremely good.

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    I am looking for a solution for this also.

    From what I read so far, if you want play .MP4 files with .SRT subtitles in Quicktime you always need to change the container from the movie or include the subs in .MP4 movie container.

    So basically all this workaround doesn't solve anything, unless Perian developers or some other guys introduce a new plugin.

    I read some people complaining about VLC subs.

    Personally I love VLC 2.0, and if don't like the subs, you can always go to preferences and change the default settings for subs.