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I recently reset my iTunes library in order to consolidate all of my music files (almost 350 gigs - I'm a junkie!) onto one hard drive. I went thru the process of re-uploading all of my apps that were purchased via iTunes on my computer into that new library, so they are all set, along with my podcasts, e-books, etc. BUT, now that I am ready to sync my iPhone to get some new music and reorganize my apps, I get the message in iTunes that if I sync it will delete everything on the iPhone and replace it with what's now in the iTunes libraray - it's recognizing it as a whole NEW user. Can someone help me get around this??? I paid good money for my apps (some in the $20 -$25 range!) and can't afford to lose them. But at the same time, I need to get new music on my iPhone as well..... HELP PLEASE!!!

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.0.1