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I have a dualboot with Ubuntu and wanted to change my UID from 501 to 1000 so my Ubuntu user could access my files. I found a howto on the web that wasn't as good as I thought. It told me to

1. dscl . -change /Users/Me UniqueID 501 1000
2. chown -R 1000 /Users/Me
3. log out and back in again

When I wanted to log back in, the user Me was gone from the login screen. It was replaced by Other, but using that I could log on as Me. Now most stuff seems to work, but stuff like terminal have lost their preferences. Then I found another post saying to change the permissions of all the files 501 owned like this:

sudo find . -user 501 -exec chown Me {} \; -print

I tried this, but after it is done I still have files owned by 501. And now I understand that I must seek professional help

Any idea how I can finish this without messing everything up?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)