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I have iPhone 3G. It shows on screen, connect iTunes all the times. I read all the solutions on internet. I tried everything to fix the problem even Restore Mode or DFU Mode, but iPhone never detected by iTunes or computer. I tired both Mac or Windows Computers, but still nothing. Any ideas??? This forum is my last chance. I gonna break this phone if still nothing and buy a different brand. I don't wanna pay $268.00 to Apple, change with the refurbished one. I paid much enough to buy this one. Thanks for all help.

Custom, Windows Vista
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    The iPhone can only sync on one computer. Is this a new phone or an old phone? If it's a phone you already had, did you change computers? If the phone you had was already synced on another computer then it may have to be deauthorized on that other computer, but I'm not sure. I had an older original iPhone that we replaced and then I wanted to use it as a iPod. I forgot that I had synced it with an older computer. When I connected it to mine my iTunes would recognize it, but wouldn't let me sync to it because it was synced to another computer. So I had to connect it to the older computer, deauthorize it and then it synced fine on my new computer. Not sure if that is a similar issue to yours or not. You need to give us more information. Like were you able to sync it before and this is something new etc. More info that you give the easier it will be for someone to answer you.
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    Thanks for your answer. The problem is not about the sync. The problem is when i plug in the iPhones the computer by USB, nothing is happening. No any attention or any sound about you connect something on computer. The phone is charging by wall adapter but not on computer. Thanks.
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    can another USB device connect with that USB port? Is it a USB 2.0 port? Try installing the newest version of iTunes?
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    If it is not even charging in the USB port then the port is defective.
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    Please read all article before respond it. Tried on 3 Windows computers and 2 Mac Computers. Ok i give up, no solution at all. Going to buy a different brand. Thank you for all support.
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    Test with another cable if possible. Otherwise, it's a hardware issue.
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    Are you using the same cable that charges on the wall outlet to connect your phone? If so and if it's not working on any other computers then it's an issue with the phone itself.

    Does your computer recognize your phone? If you have a PC when you connect it you get the pop up asking if you want to open the device and view the files/pictures. if it's not even doing that on any computer and you have tried different cables then it's the phone. Are you still under warranty?
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    I found this on another discussion, might be worth trying.

    Happened with my phone, turn your computer off connect your Iphone dock or USB cable and sit your iphone in its dock, switch your computer back on wait 5 mins, until your sure the computer is loaded.

    As the phone sits in its dock or USB it has to be connected to USB or Dock

    Press the home button and the off Botton at top of phone at the same time,

    hold them for 10-20 seconds, the Iphone will show you a cable pointing to Itunes symbol.

    follow the instructions from there it will restore the phone from the back up on Itunes.

    hope it helps.