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task profile: 1. completed slideshow in iPhoto 2. clicked on share (send to iDVD) 3. opened iDVD
4. clicked on customize 5. clicked on Media (iDVD version is 5.0.4).

the slideshow will not/does not show up in the list of media in the iDVD.

also when asking iDVD to load the iMovies, the whirling circle never ends and so I conclude it cannot load iMovies either.

Are there any solutions from your experiences?

Mac OS X, Mac OS X (10.4)
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    If you're using iPhoto 09 why are you using iDVD 5.0.4, several versions back? If you're using an earlier version of iPhoto you probably would be best served to repost in the correct forum where current users of that version will be on hand to help.

    Or did you mean iDVD 7.0.4? If that's the case then:

    When iDVD opened is the slideshow in the menu? That's where it ends up as it's a QT movie file and is added to the top menu in iDVD. The actual file will be located in your User/Pictures/iPhoto Slideshows folder. If that folder is not listed in the Media Browser's window drag it into the Media Browser window. Your movie and any others in that folder will then be displayed in the MB.