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Does anyone out there know if it is possible to turn on sound when running in Safe Mode?

I'm currently running 10.4.11 on a 12" Powerbook G4. The machine is 4 and a half years old and very near the end of its life, I fear. It's currently experiencing some severe hardward issues relating to video which prevent me from being able to start up in normal mode (I get a screen of grey jaggedy lines just after the grey apple boot-up screen). I'm on the road for 4 more months with no access to my install disks, so I'm afraid I can't re-install the OS (which would probably be the best next step).

In the meantime, I've found a work around for getting wireless to work in safe mode (in terminal, enter:
sudo kextload /system/library/extensions/appleairport.kext
sudo kextload /system/library/extensions/appleairport2.kext
and bingo, you can start up airport through System Prefs)
and I'm trying to see if a similar fix exists for getting the sound up and running.

Any ideas?

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Although one may understand why you are doing what you are doing, but it's a bad idea to be loading kexts in safe mode that are disabled for a reason.

    If you are away from home then you should simply buy yourself another copy of Leopard that you can reinstall or at least take the computer to a service center where they may be able to resolve your problem or reinstall OS X for you.
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    Hi Kappy, I appreciate your concern, and I realise that under normal circumstances this would be a very bad idea, but Im a bit stuck at the moment. Im on the move at the moment (no more than 4 days in any one city, so no time to leave the machine to be looked at) and dont have the funds to buy a new copy of the OS. As soon as I get back home, a full re-install is first on my list of things to do. However, in the interim, Im trying to get as close to full use out of my machine as possible.

    Do you have any idea if my original question is a possibility?

    Much thanks for the help.
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    Audio is disabled during safe mode just as wireless. Perhaps you could try the same trick for audio as you tried for wireless.

    I'm not sure which kexts are involved, although one of them will be the AppleHDA.kext. There are several others that contain "audio" in their filenames, but I can't tell you if you need all of them.

    You can do some repairs and maintenance without the installer discs. Download and install AppleJack - VersionTracker or MacUpdate. Read the documentation about usage. It is run while booted into single-user mode. It can do limited disk repair, permissions repairs, and cache cleaning plus a couple of other maintenance chores.
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    Hi Tim, have you tried...





    Might find some useful info here...

    http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Darwin/Conceptual/KEXTConcept/KEXTConce ptLoading/loading_kexts.html
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    Hi Kappy,
    Thanks for the advice, that's great. One problem, what does it mean if I don't have an AppleHDA.kext file in my extensions folder? I haven't knowingly done anything to modify which .kext files are in there, but it's definitely in there at the moment. In case it makes a difference, i'm running 10.4.11, not 10.5.
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    I don't think I said anything about not having AppleHDA.kext in your Extensions folder. What I said was that AppleHDA.kext is one of the extensions required for audio. If your plan is to have audio/sound work in safe mode then you need to be sure that extension and any other audio extensions are in the Extensions folder, otherwise sound isn't going to function in Safe Mode.

    If AppleHDA.kext is in the Extensions folder and you have no sound, then other extensions need to be there for sound to work. I simply don't know what would be needed. You could compare the contents of the Extensions folder in normal mode to that in Safe Mode to find out what's missing. But I can't tell you more than this.
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    Sorry, Kappy. I didn't phrase that in the clearest way possible. What I meant to say was that I do not have AppleHDA.kext in my systems/library/extensions folder. I've never intentionally looked for or moved that extension before, and obviously I have not knowingly deleted it. I'm running 10.4.11, in case that makes a difference (perhaps this kext only exists in 10.5?).

    Is this a considerable issue?
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    I wonder if AppleHDA.kext is perhaps an IntelMac extension, I do not have it in 10.4.11 on my PPC Mac.
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    As a final (hopefully) update, the problems I was having with my G4 failing to start-up normally began to recur about two months after I had it serviced at a Mac retailer in Bangkok. I was able to get things started in Safe Mode, which worked well for the next few months, but a few weeks ago, Safe Mode crashed as well, and everything I tried (with the exception of Single User Mode) resulted in a grey screen with horizontal lines across it (seemingly an indication of a hardware problem).

    Well, after a bit of nosing around on the internet and in a few other forums, I can across the keen idea of going into Single User Mode and removing video-related kext files from the systems/library/extensions folder (very dangerous stuff, I know), sort of like what I was trying to do with the booting the audio kexts to get sound running in safemode (as discussed earlier in this forum). I did this one at a time, to see if I could find out what might be causing the problem. First I discovered the importance of the NVDANV30Hal.kext file (removing it stopped the start up process entirely for normal and safe mode).

    Then I made the critical discovery. By removing the NVDAResman.kext file from the extensions folder, my machine is now miraculously able to start up in normal mode with no noticeable side effects except for an inability for the machine to be put to sleep. If it's between a completely non-functional machine, and one that can't sleep, I'll take the latter.

    Hopefully this little discovery might be able to help others in a similar situation (video hardware crash on startup).

    Also, if any of you know any define known problems that will come about from yanking the Resman kext, I'd love to be properly warned ?

    thanks much,
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    Wow, great work on your part!

    Back to your original question, I stumbled on a simple but fantastic solution to it, (not that it'll help you now, but...), Use System Profiler in Safe Boot to see the Extensions loaded, compare that to the Extensions folder!