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I recently updated to Software Version 2.4, and the Apple TV keeps rebooting. Specifically- when viewing anything from the iTunes Store. This is problematic because when the system starts up, poster art from the iTunes store launches behind the menu, causing the system to restart. The poster art actually never loads, but shows the grayed-out tickets. My only work-around is to unplug ethernet from the device, let it boot, move to a screen that doesn't show iTunes Store content, and then plug the ethernet cable back in. If I attempt to back into the iTunes store, say from the TV Shows> Top TV Shows, it reboots, and keeps doing so until I unplug ethernet. Content, synced or streamed, purchased or self-encoded plays back fine.

An unrelated problem is slow menus and menu flickering. When going back and forth to say, My Music> Playlists> My Playlist, it is now taking the Apple TV a much longer to catch up. Sometimes, especially when the playlist or list of TV Shows is long, the names of the shows or songs flicker.
Thanks for any suggestions.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Apple TV, iTunes 8.2.1