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Well Last night my phone started acting up.

It will not read the sim card at all.

Iv tried 3 different sim cards that i know all work,

Any help? Could i get this fixed or replaced?
Its under limited warranty until may of next year.

Windows Vista
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    i got the same problem once in a while. what i do is to simply turn it off and then turn it back on again. if it doesnt work, i just do the whole off-on thing again, with a few minutes interval.i know its not really helpful, but it works for me.
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    hold the Home button and power button for 15 seconds .. after 10 seconds you will relize that the icon to turn the iphone off appears.. ignore that .. and after 5 more seconds it will turn off by itself... then ait about 20 seconds.. and turn it back on ..

    if that doesnt work maybe its your sim card or... <edited by host>
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    Iv tried both of those ideas and neither worked.

    I know it isnt my sim card because if i put it in a new phone it works.

    It isnt unlocked or jailbroken and once this started happening i completely restored it and that didn't even work.
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    this might be tricky .. but .. try deleting your current firmware.. and download another 1 ...

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    If your iPhone is under warranty then you should have no problem seeking assistance at an Apple store.... but before you do, and I don't know if with SIM problems you still have access to standard menus but on the assumption that you do: try opening Settings, hit General and scroll down to Reset and then do a Reset Network Settings. Often a good place to cure intermittent network issues and maybe you are experiencing something along these lines.
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    I cant because when i restored it and upgraded to the newest version yesterday it needs a sim card to activate it just to get itunes to see it. Unless there is another way.

    Ill probably take it to a apple store sometime but i wanted to see everyone's opinion before i drove a hour.

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    I have the same problem!
    I updated my iPhone to OS3.1 without a functional sim-card.
    I can't activate the iPhone and it isn't visible in iTunes..