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Hey guys, I have one of the older Powermac G5's with a dual 2.3 processor running OS 10.3 Panther (I think from 2004). I was looking to get a wireless card that would work in the computer. Any suggestions?

PowerMax G5, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    Use an AirPort Extreme card or an 802.11 card; click here to determine what slots your computer has. If it has PCI Express slots, the regular AirPort Extreme card won't work; it needs the combined AirPort and Bluetooth card.

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    I think it's got PCI-X slots. Was wondering what the difference between PCI and PCI-X is?
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    Click here for information.

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    Hi 1st time poster here, so please excuse if this has been discussed before.
    I need to fit a wireless card to my daughters G5, but i'm unsure which card i need, can anyone here help?

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    Is your daughter's G5 the one listed in your signature? If so, you can use Apple's Airport Extreme card, or you can go with various USB solutions. The Airport Extreme cards are available here and you may need the antenna if you can't find the original (her G5 would have shipped with both the Airport and Bluetooth antennas, even if the requisite cards weren't inside the computer).
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    Hi Steve
    Yes it's the G5 in the signature, i got this information from the 'about this mac' menu, but i am unsure of exactly what model G5 it is, but i'm pretty sure it was built before October 2005.
    Because of this i am unsure if the G5 has PCI or PCI-X slots. Does this matter or will the Airport Extream card work with either?
    Unfortunately my daughter is away at university so i dont have access to inspect the G5 myself.
    Many Thanks
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    The dual 1.8 GHz machines were definitely produced before October 2005. There were both PCI & PCI-X versions of those machines, but it doesn't matter for the Airport Extreme card, as it doesn't plug into a PCI/PCI-X slot.