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I've seen this questioned in the forum but not answered.

I have a 1 hour movie comprised of 8 video clips and maybe 20 audio clips. I want to normalize the audio clips so their volume matches up a bit better. When I select all the video clips and then go into inspector, under audio the Normalize Clip Volume , as well as Remove Normalization for that matter, are both grayed out and unavailable.

Any idea on how to normalize the audio across the entire movie?

Dual 2.66 MacPro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 6 GB Ram
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    Never tried it, but try this:
    Go into one clip. Select "Normalize Clip Volume".
    Then, with that clip selected, EDIT/SELECT ALL.

    Warning, it might be dangerous to do this if you have made other audio adjustments. This will replicate all the audio adjustments from this clip to all clips. In that case, you would be better off selecting each clip indivudually and making the check.
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    Thanks for the idea AMan.

    Tried it but when I went to EDIT>PASTE ADJUSTMENTS all selections were grayed out, including Audio Adjustments.

    Thanks for the try.......hmmmmmm.....
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    So sorry, I left out the first step.

    With the one you changed selected, do EDIT/COPY (or right-click/copy)
    Then, Edit Select All and Edit Paste Adjustments.
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    Well, just so my little brain is clear on this experiment:

    1. Go into one clip. Select "Normalize Clip Volume".
    2. With the one you changed selected, do EDIT/COPY (or right-click/copy)
    3. Then, with that clip selected, EDIT/SELECT ALL.


    I would have thought this "Normalize Audio" feature among several video clips/audio tracks would be an obvious "no-brainer" feature to include in iM.
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    See [this link to Ken Stone's manual for more|http://www.kenstone.net/fcphomepage/imovie_09stone.html#audio%20adjustments]
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    Checked the link and I may have not initially correctly stated my problem, sorry if that's true.

    Briefly to start over....

    I've had 16 mm film, which didn't have any audio, that was transferred to .mov and then editied in iM 09. In iM 09 I added iTunes audio for a soundtrack. Although the soundtrack isn't terrible, I can notice a slight variation of the audio volume in the iMovie.

    As far as I can tell, after fooling around w/ this today, is that the Normalize Clip Volume works w/ audio which is embedded in the video clips. Is this feature supposed to also work in situations where I have moved audio tracks into my Movie from iTunes (evidenced by the "green" colored band below the video clip)?

    I'm trying to balance the volume various iTunes tracks in my Movie.
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    The most straightforward way to change the audio volume is to adjust the volume. You can click on a clip, a music track, or the music in the background and adjust the volume slider in the Audio inspector.

    [This video tutorial may help|http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/imovie08.html#tutorial=audioclips]

    [Also this one|http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/imovie08.html#tutorial=backgroundaud io]

    This tutorials are for iMovie 08, but they are still valid for iMovie 09.