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Everything was working fine on the Mac until about an hour ago when I tried to install software updates and then the screen fades and a message pops up saying the computer needs to be restarted by holding down the power button.

After doing that, the computer is now stuck on a blank white screen every time it is restarted. FYI, there is no external hard drive connected to the computer. Here's what I have tried thus far to troubleshoot:

Completely disconnect from the electrical outlet and restart.
Restart with the OSX Install disc in (also tried this holding down "c", both times just goes straight to white screen and won't do anything else)
Tried resetting PRAM (it made the second chime but still wont go past the white screen)
Restart in single-user mode and safe mode (still just stuck on the white screen)
Tried restarting with any USB cables disconnected
Tried restarting with the Ethernet cord disconnected while holding down the D key per the instructions in the "Everything Mac" book (only thing connected was the keyboard + mouse)

NONE of this has worked or caused any different result, it's still just showing a blank white screen.

Can anyone suggest another possible solution or cause for this problem?


iMac (intel), Mac OS X (10.5.8)