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Okay so in my previous topic I got a few things messed up I meant data plan but I wrote internet so sorry guys
But now the thing is I don't want to get a data plan but I'm not sure if that's possible. Has any Canadian users gotten an iPhone without getting a data plan and if so, how? If not, please tell me whether it's possible to not get a data plan? Highly appreciated, thanks!

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iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    The data plan for the iPhone pays for internet access via the cellular network, and the same answers apply. The iPhone is designed to always have internet access as long as their is an available wi-fi network that you have access to, or cellular reception.

    This is will be wanted or needed more often than you realize, visual voicemail messages are downloaded to the iPhone via the cellular data or internet network only. No data plan or access and no visual voicemail access. IMO, if you can't afford the data plan or you aren't interested in using the iPhone as designed and intended, you should consider a different phone that isn't designed for it.
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    the only way to get an iphone without signing up with a data plan is to buy a used from from ebay, craigslist or a friend

    but like the other guy said, the only way you'd get internet abilities would be from wifi and not from cellular signals
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    As it was pointed out in your other thread, it's pretty pointless to get an iPhone without a data plan. You may want to look at alternatives that will fit your needs better.