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kevs55 Level 2 Level 2
Lately, I've been getting a stupid file downloaded every time I'm on Safari.
I've deleted all my cookies, I don't know what more to do.
Is there a preference for not getting downloads unless you approve a download??

Mac OS X (10.4.10), G5 dual 1.8 , 2mb ram
  • Golden Shoes Level 5 Level 5

    This issue has been discussed elsewhere, and I posted a solution there. For your rreading pleasure, here it is again:

    You'll need to modify your Hosts file to block odb.outbrain.com, since that is the domain those downloads originate from. You can do that easily by downloading Hostal and use it to add odb.outbrain.com to the list of blocked domains in your Hosts file. You will have to quit Safari and restart your Mac or use the Special > Restart Lookup Daemon menu item in that program before you restart Safari to test it.