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Hi guys well I was finally syncing my iPhone to iTunes and up pops up a box that tells me if I want to transfer pix etc. So when I say click on the file destination and everything it keeps giving me a pop up that says "the current picture could not be copied" if I want to try again to transfer the videos, and it does this for every video I have on the iPhone 3GS. Is anyone else having this same issue and if so how did you bypass the error message to upload your pix to the computer? Thanks guys! Keep in mind most of the videos I'm trying to transfer range anywhere from 30 seconds up to 20 minutes.

Inspiron 9300, Windows XP
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    The videos and images need to transfer to another app, not iTunes. On a Mac the app most used is iPhoto. I'm not sure what PC app folks are using with Windows machines. I would expect Adobe Photoshop Elements or a similar app would recognize the iPhone as a camera.

    If the iPhone shows up as an external drive when you plug it into the PC, you should be able to simply drag the images and videos to a directory in your PC.

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    If you want to use Photoshop Elements to download your photos, I'm assuming you have PSE 6. I would call up the downloader from bridge and see what happens, but you know that iphoto takes the place of what PSE/win does for iphone/ipod. The mac version of PSE has no organizer and its downloader is very different from the windows downloader, and elements never appears in itunes the way it does in windows.