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I'm trying to understand my system. I've noticed that, when my AVCHD camcorder records in the highest quality (which is the "FXP" setting on my camera), the images are 1920x1080. However, when I set it to a lower data rate, such as "LP", the images are 1440x1080. What puzzles me is that, when I ingest into Final Cut Express, the images are the same aspect ratio (i.e. 16:9) no matter what data rate/aspect ratio I use.
How can this be? (Note, the image doesn't appear to be stretched or cropped in any way. I would've thought that I'd see black bars on either end of my 16:9 format screen when viewing the 1440x1080 video clips. How come I don't?)

MacBook Pro, Final Cut Express
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    Vixter101 wrote:
    .. 1920x1080. .. 1440x1080. .. the images are the same aspect ratio (i.e. 16:9) ...
    How can this be? ..

    because 1440 is an anamorphic format.. it was in use with the HDV-codec (=HiDef on miniDV tapes), to reduce the amount of data, Sony decided to drop the horizontal resolution by 25%..
    on tape, it's 1440, on playback it gets horizontally stretched to 1920..

    same display-aspect-ratio, different pixel-aspect-ratio..
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    Thanks Karsten. So, then, are the pixels a different shape? I've read about some pixels being rectangular and some being square. Is this what's going on here?