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I’m completely stunned.

I just tried to look at one of my iPhone notes to pull up some important data and noticed that all but one of them are gone. Poof – vanished.

I had spent hours entering this information – much of which I don’t have replicated elsewhere – thinking that the **** stuff would stay there on my phone (and backed up on my PC) until I edited or deleted them. Only to discover they can just magically disappear.

If this is a synching issue, than that’s a problem. All the notes were painstakingly entered by hand on my phone. I’ve never entered any notes on my PC so there’s absolutely no reason why synching should EVER override or delete any of my Notes. No reason whatsoever!!

I can’t begin to describe how livid I am that this could happen. I’m assuming that most people use Notes to store important information they want at their fingertips (confirmation numbers, flight information and frequent flyer numbers, etc.) Heck, I even had a notes page to record cute anecdotes related to my two little toddlers which I tend to quickly forget unless I jot them down right after they happen.

Maybe this is something that’s easily restored, and if so, good job Apple, for at least ensuring that important data isn’t randomly lost. If on the other hand those programmers managed to F this one up and created a synching process that will randomly deletes important files for no good reason….. then that’s a fatal flaw in my book and I’ll be **** ****** I ever switched to an iPhone.

And please don’t tell me that there’s a little pop-up that says some files will be modified or deleted when I synch. I expect files to be modified, deleted or overwritten when I synch, that's the way it should be. It should happen all the time, but ONLY when I actually modify or change or delete them. Not at random by a f’d up synching program.

Sorry for my attitude, but as I mentioned earlier, I am stunned. It’s not the time (hours) that I invested putting all this important stuff into various iPhone notes files, it’s the fact that unless this information can be recovered somehow, much of that data will be irrecoverable.

Since I haven't pulled up my Notes files in the last week or two, I have no idea when these files were erased. If anyone knows how I might locate and restore this data, please, please, please let me know.

Thank you!!

Dell, Windows XP
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    There is an enormous glitch with the manner that Notes are being synced between the iPhone & desktops. Or even Apple's own Mail. Even within Mail itself there are huge problems with the system. So I can only imagine the situation on your side.

    Excuse my language, but in essence, Apple is sodomizing it's users. For choosing to use Apple software & apps.

    How in **** do a whole bunch of simple notes suddenly duplicate themselves when all I did was move them between mailboxes? Then, when I delete the duplicates, how come everything disappears? When I manage to figure everything out, why does a sync with the iPhone not honour the changes?

    Wake up Apple engineers. This is not a small issue for the simple fact that Notes was touted as a big feature. So what happens when someone like CA2DC get royally screwed for simply choosing to trust your system?

    Dude, feedback through the iPhone or Apple website. Here is the link: http://www.apple.com/feedback/

    Your post will likely be ignored cause nobody has any idea why and how this is happening. I was lucky I had Time Machine and managed to restore the lost notes. All the best!
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    same here... why arent the apple nerds answering anyone of these notes sync threads ??? where the ** are you guys when we need support for the BUGS you sold to us ???
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    Hi CA2DC I have the exact same problem. I opened the notes application and saw all my notes for about a second and then suddenly all of them, but one disappeared! I have no idea how this could have happened.

    To resolve the issue I synced my iPhone with iTunes and checked the box that says "for the next sync only replace 'notes' on the iPhone by the information stored on the computer". But that didn't bring me back my notes. I still only had this one note that remained. Next I restored my iPhone from the Backup but unfortunately a Backup was made when I previously synced my iPhone as mentioned above so this bring me back my notes either.

    The only thing left I have is a month old Backup where a lot of newer notes are missing. That is really annoying to say the least.

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    I had all of my notes disappear one day. I started using notes again and then today, I had a number of notes randomly disappear. They were backed up, and are in the Mac Mail program, but no way to get them back to the iPhone.
    Today, two different notes, I emailed to my .mac account, both notes disappeared from the iPhone.
    I have emailed notes before, and it worked fine. But this time emailing them was like throwing them into the trash. Luckily, they did email OK. But still, no way to get them back.

    This absolutely *****. Some of the notes were not just to pick up a load of bread, but were critical notes about work issues. Then they just go away. We should be able to email a note and not have it disappear.