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I have added various folders in my Bookmarks, IE Food, Landrovers, DVD Copying etc etc, so i have groups of bookmarks stored in similar folders.

But how do you access them from the bookmark menu? The folders do not appear under the menu bar/Bookmarks.

Under Windows Internet Explorer, you can create a folder within the bookmarks menu and if yo wish have subfolders within that. How do you achieve similar in Safari.

I have created folder groups on the Bookmark bar, but I want to try and get folders from the drop down bookmarks menu. ?


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    There's no way for you to accomplish what I understand you're describing, but there is an alternative. You can add any Bookmarks folders you created to the Bookmarks Bar by choosing Show All Bookmarks from the menu, click on Bookmarks Bar, then drag and drop the folder that you want to appear on the bar to that section of the Bookmarks window.

    You can then access any of those bookmarks from that folder direction on the Bookmarks Bar, or from the Bookmarks > Bookmarks Bar menu item.
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    OK, thanks

    Show All Bookmarks

    That was what I did not see before, still it is a bit inconvenient.

    I do already have single folders, stored in the Bookmarks bar. Have now nested them, under one folder (Favorites) so I get what I want, and it is within the actual window rather than in the @*%&8 menu bar at the top of the screen. I do most of my Internet browsing on a second screen, not on the main one, so having to move to another screen to use the Bookmarks is **** annoying, this method gives me the bookmarks within the relevant open window.

    I have another question about the 'Show All Bookmarks screen' but will start a new thread for that, as it is a different question

    Thanks again for your help