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Jason Agress Level 3 (670 points)
Hi all,

I'm trying to integrate a Windows XP machine into my Open Directory network. I've set up SMB in Server Admin as the Primary Domain controller. I'm not sure if I did it right, however. Also, what do I need to enter under the Windows tab in Workgroup Manager? Any hints or resources on how to make this work?



Mac OS X (10.5.7)
  • Kieran Bailey Level 1 (5 points)
    Hey Jason,

    That sounds right. If you have set up your Server as the Primary domain controller and have related services such as DNS running you should be able to join your Windows XP computer to the new domain.

    Under the Windows tab in WGM you need to enter a location for the users profile, the login script and their home directory. The default location that OS X Server sets up for the profiles are a share at \\servername\Profiles. I believe that the location for this is /Volumes/Server HD/Users/Profiles.

    To modify your Windows login script your netlogon share lives at /etc/netlogon and is shared by default as \\servername\NETLOGON. You can place any login scripts you wish to use in there and in WGM you need only enter the name of the script (e.g. staff.bat or staff.vbs). You can also use the netlogon share to create an NTUSER.POL file using the Microsoft System Policy Editor - this is the closest thing you will have to Group Policy Editor in the SMB Domain Environment.

    As for the home directory under the Windows Tab, you should only need to enter \\servername\username as if all the settings are defaults Mac OS X Server will share any home directories like this.

    I've worked with SMB domains on a Mac OS X Server quite extensively, and it can be a headache at first - especially with roaming profiles - but once you get your head around it it works very well - it's not as full featured as a Windows Server Domain Controller, but it does the job.
  • Jason Agress Level 3 (670 points)
    Hi, I'm finally returning to this after working on some other things.

    Still no luck. When I try to bind the XP machine to the domain it fails, giving me various errors. At one point there were "insufficient resources" and now my username/pw is invalid (diradmin). I've tried a number of things - including demoting and promoting it from a Primary Domain Control. In the logs on my server, it seems that that it is authenticating properly.

    Uggh I'm lost! Any ideas?

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    You need to enable WINS registration for the PDC:

    Server Admin --> SMB service --> Settings --> Advanced

    On the Client(s), in network settings for the interface, there's an advanced tab where you need to enter the IP address for the new WINS server.

    I had the same errors until I realized that the client couldn't find the PDC.
  • Jason Agress Level 3 (670 points)
    Thanks, but I've done this already. It finds the PDC just fine because, when I use the wrong login credentials in trying to bind it, it recognizes that they are incorrect....only produced above error when credentials are correct.

    I've also tried demoting and re-promoting both OD and SMB, but still no luck.