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I created an e mail and stupidly attached a 95 MB video clip. Ever since Mail is completely jammed up. I can't send or receive. When launched Mail tries to send the offending e mail and copy it to the server etc. Eventually I get 'timed out' message. The file resists deletion from the drafts folder nor can I remove the attachment. If I secure delete it from the library it is mysteriously re-created next time I run mail even though I have emptied the trash on Mail & finder. I've tried rebuilding the mail boxes and repairing disc permissions.
My mobileme mail service runs normally and the offending file has never appeared there. PLEASE HELP!

mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8), none
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    Hello and welcome to the Discussions.

    Quit Mail, and use the Finder to open Home/Library/Mail/Mailboxes. Locate the folder name Outbox.mbox in the Mailboxes folder, and delete it. Relaunch Mail, and test. This message being in the Drafts mailbox would not be expected to be the problem, but rather it being stuck in the Outbox, which is not seem, normally in the Sidebar, except when something hasn't sent. Mail will create a new Outbox.mbox when next you send.

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    Thank you SO MUCH Ernie. This solved my problem instantly. Interestingly the outbox did not show any files but deleting it did the trick.