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I've read through all the troubleshooting, have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes many times.

I just got my iPhone last week. Everything was working just fine. I stupidly decided to clear out space on my hard drive, and deleted applications that I wasn't using anymore. I came across "Bonjour", had no idea what it was, so I uninstalled it.

Then I loaded iTunes, and had an error regarding burning CDs/DVDs using that software. So I figured no big deal, I'll reinstall. Uninstalled first, reinstalled it, and now my iPhone doesn't get recognized. Then I uninstalled everything, Bonjour, those two Apple applications, iTunes and Quicktime--still nothing.

My iPhone gets recognized by my computer (Windows) when I plug it in, it's charging, it gives me the option to import photos/view files in a folder, etc., but it doesn't get recognized by iTunes.

Any suggestions? I've seriously uninstalled and reinstalled all those components about 6-7 times now. I've tried restarting my computer, I've tried plugging it into different USB ports.. the only thing I haven't tried is letting my phone sit there for a long period, which I have read on here may do the trick? Currently at work right now, so can't try it out, but figured someone on here may have experienced the same thing. All the other threads I've found seem to have people who found solutions with things I've already done.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    This article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1495 provides tips that will resolve most issues related to the iPhone to not be recognized in iTunes.

    Is the Apple Mobile Device Service running on the PC?

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    August 20, 2009

    AhHa Finally - I have the Itouch and it is upgraded to the latest software and I have Itunes I have been banging my head on the desk for days trying to get rid of this pervasive widespread problem so many are reporting where Itunes "detects an Iphone" but does not "recognize it" I have followed posts as far back as 2006 all the way to Present Day. Some suggest disabling any wireless card on your PC or laptop. Others suggest uninstalling and completely reinstalling all apple software (I did this 9 times)some say its a usb conflict or problem etc, go to control panel. Many of these fixes work for some users, (especially disabling wireless) Then there is the geek fix that requires major registry work and command files and programming and third party device drivers etc PHEW! And the golden answers: GET A NEW PHONE, GET A NEW COMPUTER, or MOVE TO NEW GUINEA where Iphones are not widely used, so if yours ain't workin no one will know or care. Maybe you really don't deserve an Iphone anyway? Or buy a mac (which has the same issues by the way), anyway, takes all kinds, God Bless America, and all those noble souls that have toiled with this issue for years

    Hopefully, my solution will work for you as it has for me!

    When unplugging the device from the dock (itunes connection) make sure that you first go to the "safely remove hardware" icon in your windows system tray and end the connection in this way. This apparently resets the USB device driver and allows for a full sync to occur when you again plug in your device. Yep, it was that simple. Once you have a sync just remember to eject the ipod (in Itunes) before unplugging it and you should be fine. The fix is in!

    I feel so much better

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    My iTunes isn't even recognizing the iPhone. My computer is, but not iTunes.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes a dozen times now. I restarted my computer between everything, I went through that troubleshooting link, I've tried just about everything.

    I have no clue what the problem is, and it's so ridiculously frustrating.
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    Just to add--no firewalls are on, all of them are off. I've tried with my internet off as well. I let iTunes sit there for 20 minutes, nothing.

    I've literally tried just about everything. What do I have to do now? Format my **** computer?
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    Wow.. finally figured it out. I had tried everything, and I mean absolutely everything. Hours later, many uninstalls/installs later, here's how I fixed it..

    I did the usual uninstall/install routine, even manually uninstalling the iPhone driver from Device Manager.

    After installing, and after restarts after each step, I went to Control Panel, then Device Manager again.

    Right click the iPhone option, and choose to update the driver--instead of letting it search on its own, point it directly to:

    c:/program files/common files/apple/

    Apparently it gets installed by Microsoft so you can grab the photos and such, but it's not the actual apple driver. It won't find it unless you manually point your search toward it, which makes zero sense, but whatever.

    I thank you guys for the help, and hope this post can help someone in the future.
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    Just going to add one more thing to my post..

    I had followed everything, and everything seemed fine. All the troubleshooting from the Apple site made it look like everything was correct. So if you're having the same problem, try what I did. Even when I chose for it to automatically update the driver, it said that I had the newest driver possible. It seems that while upgrading with iTunes, it may not recognize that there's a new driver there--and once you start uninstalling stuff, I'm not sure if that driver ever gets removed.

    Whew, I only wasted 6+ hours to figure this out. Hope I save someone else some time.
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    THANK YOU! You are my savior!
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    Well,can I say that I still wasted 6 hours looking for the solution, but you saved me the second six hours - so I am eternally grateful all the same....
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    I had the problem with my iTunes freezing ever since I connected my iPhone 3GS. Genius would start up, and when my computer was receiving info from Genius it would freeze and I'd have to right click to close. I guess iTunes was mad because I wanted to use my phone for music instead of my iPod touch. I installed, uninstalled iTunes, Quicktime, looked for the drivers to update (couldn't find any) swore for several days. I couldn't choose to disable Genius in the menu (having about ten whole seconds to do it before freezing) because the action was unselectable. Tonight after exhausting all possibilities but one....I decided to turn off homesharing (or whatever that is in Genius) and Voilà! That made "turn off Genius" selectable! So I turned off Genius and EVERYTHING WORKS JUST FINE! I hope my misery has been of use to someone else. Good luck, and may the force be with you.