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PLS forgive post in wrong place...
White Apple usb wired Kbd 9034 is not recognized after several hours of inactivity (monitor and Bluetooth mouse off, computer on). Must restart, and it works fine. At system preferences, I attempted to choose a different kbd. to find the problem. Message is 'kbd cannot be ID'd', then, 'press the key just to right of left shift key'. On doing this, message is 'kbd cannot be ID'd. You have pressed a key on your built-in kbd. Please press a key on your external kbd.' The only keyboard is external. The setup goes on to try to recognize the keyboard but never does, but kbd works anyway. This is the only keyboard I've ever used, it worked fine until a couple of weeks ago. Optimizing and clearing everything, as well as starting from OSX disk haven't helped. Kbd is plugged into a MicroNet minimate. Moving it elsewhere doesn't change things. I have found that if I leave an application open on the desktop, the drop doesn't occur. Coincidence? Where do I look for the problem?

Mac Mini 1.4, Mac OS X (10.4.11), PPC
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    If you plug the keyboard directly into the mini, it still loses function?
    I would not use the keyboard through a hub, as primary input devices do not work very well via hubs.
    When you say the display is off, do you mean powered completely off or in it's own sleep mode? Does the display wake automatically from it's sleep mode, or do you have to turn it on manually?
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    Minimate is not just a hub - it is an extension of the Mini. IE plugged into its 'brain' via firewire AND USB and fully powered as well. Have not gone directly to Mini USB.

    Digital display has a power button, which is OFF when not in use. If the monitor is left unattended for 1 hr, it goes to sleep mode. Keyboard activity wakes it. If it has been powered off and then turned on, keyboard activity must still wake the monitor. This is how the problem first presented itself. The monitor doesn't wake when the keyboard indicates no activity. But, as I said, the whole thing works perfectly when I restart.
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    I understand the Minimate is not just a USB hub, but it's USB expansion ports are still a hub from the mini's perspective. For this reason you should try plugging the keyboard directly into the mini, and I strongly suggest that as your best way to connect the keyboard.

    If I understand your description correctly, when you have problems is when you turn off the display at the switch. This is probably the whole source of your problem, as the mini is then falling back to a 'headless' mode. I do not recommend this method. Adding the fact that your keyboard is not physically, directly connected to the mini I'm not surprised you are having such an issue. These types of circumstances basically make a Mac under OS X think it's being run as a system that's remotely operated.
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    I think Euchre has the right ideas on this.

    When your monitor puts itself to sleep, it likely goes into a very low power mode, which probably differs in power consumption very little from being totally turned off.

    You'd probably be better to just let it do that, and not turn off the monitor unless you also are turning off the whole system.
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    I'm going to shorten time to get to sleep mode for the monitor, not power it off, and see if the problem disappears. The number of things 'feeding' off my mini make me not want to rearrange USB plugins if I can avoid it. Thanks.
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    Have you installed the Apple Keyboard Update? It just enabled my Apple Aluminum USB keyboard for me.