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Since installing 3.0.1 any emails I delete return after reboot.

I delete any new emails from my inbox. I then empty my trash for that account.
If I then swith off the phone completely (say, overnight) and then switch it back on, all the emails are back and my trash is full again.

These emails definitely no longer exist on the mail server, so aren't being downloaded again.

Does anyone else have this problem?

More importantly, anyone know how to fix it?


Mr M

3G, iPhone OS 3.0.1, 02 UK
  • QuickDraw Level 3 Level 3
    Oh yea, I've been harping about it for quite some time now. Only my problem started with the 3G after upgrading to OS 3.0. I am still having the difficulty off and on. It seemed to curb itself (AGAIN) after I changed the settings of each pop/smtp accounts to "Delete from server" setting to "When removed from inbox". This is on the iPhone in Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Your email account/Advanced/Delete from server. Believe it or not, even after setting this up like this and manually erasing the emails on the iPhone, deleting the trash...etc..etc., I still have difficulty once in a while. I have found though that when this happens sometimes if, while in the email program on the iPhone at the accounts section (where all of your email accounts would be listed), I hit the refresh button at the bottom left (it looks like an arrow that's been bent around clockwise/pointing clockwise), the already deleted email will finally disappear from not only the email server, but also my iPhone. This doesn't always work however. I hope this helps, as I know from experience how frustrating this bug can be to a person.
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    It has been notified by Apple and will be fixed with the OS 3.1 update
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    My wife has this problem on her iPhone, I don't but I just upgraded both of us to the 3.1 release and it has changed nothing. The problem is still there.
  • rmlevine Level 1 Level 1
    Apple could you please respond to this problem. It is causing some of us to go nuts.....
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    Apple please come up with a fix for this!

    I am in the same boat as misterm2009. Since last night I have been unable to delete the emails in one of my iPhone email accounts. They show up as new emails but when I try to delete them, either by 'edit' or going to the message and 'trashcanning' it they go but then just reappear as new messages. During the deletion I might be lucky and delete all 6, now 7, of them but more often than not the screen blanks during the process and returns me to the main iPhone home page. Any emails that looked like they had been deleted just reappear as new emails on the icon at the bottom.
    I am running os 3.1 and due to a running issue with my previous 3G iPhone am loathe to update to 3.1.2. It kept crashing during update and then was unable to restore....became a useful paperweight! Apple finally thought the phone had a glitch but could not guarantee it.
    I have carried out a phone reset by holding the 2 buttons down, deleted offending email account and re-entering the details and I think the phone was restored at one point today but still they come back!!!!! I have checked and they are not on the server and are not continuously appearing in MS Outlook.

    Any ideas all you very knowledgeable, helpful people? Especially Apple support!

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    ok this is what you do!! say if you have email coming into your iphone from yahoo for example! go into your settings, then go to your mail, contacts area locate your email your wanting to edit.. then
    go to Advance, you should then see mailbox behaviors, click on delete mailbox.. select option trash then trash on the server also!! from here on all your trash will go to trash!! as well as online.. when you go to log in you will see your trash you deleted from your phone will be there too, and wont come back to haunt you again!! hope this helps!!