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Hi all. I hope someone here might be able to help me here.

my name's Lewis, a totally blind mac user and musician from north wales here in the UK. I'm hoping someone here could help who is either a blind mac user or in education with special needs support knowledge etc. hence a bit out of the blue. Basically I am in desperate need of a copy of a screen reader application called OutSPOKEN for macintosh 9.2 to run with OS 9.2. it is a CD based product with installers etc and this is needed to allow me to use an older pro tools configuration for production work as the newer versions of pro tools are inaccessible to blind users at present.. If there is anyone here on the forum who can either help with a spare version or disk image of outspoken 9.2 I would really appreciate it.

Cheers for reading and should you wish to contact me you can email me at lewisjbrock (at) aol.com <Edited by Host>

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