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anguilla Level 1 (5 points)
My beloved display has gone black with the "blinking short-short-long" light syndrome. I see here that there are lots of others with the same problem and that it needs a new "inverter board" (whatever that is).

If I unplug and replug in the monitor from the computer it comes back on, but only for a few minutes.

I tried to talk to Apple about this but they want $200 just to talk to me!

All I want to know is IF I can fix this, and if so where I get this board and how do I fix it. Is this board in the monitor or in the G4 Dual 1.25?

I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to the specifics.

Please help me. I am desperate. I can't see my computer with this black monitor.


G4 Dual 1.25, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • Dudley Bogart Level 1 (60 points)
    Hi Mary. If you are able to get a Torx screwdriver or wrench to open up your monitor, and know a little about wiring, you should be able to fix your problem. You can get replacement inverter boards and even replacement CCFL tubes if they are going bad for a reasonable cost. Here are some links that should help you source the parts:

    Good luck with your repair--after replacing these parts you should have a good monitor once again.
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    Thank you Dudley (great name BTW). I have the screwdriver and am willing to attempt to change it out even though I don't know a thing about wiring. However, I don't have a clue which inverter board I actually need. The site you directed me to doesn't have a board labeled specifically for my 2002 acrylic 23" Aqua Cinema Display. I don't know how to choose which one is the right one.

    Do you or anyone else here know?

    Thanks again for the help!

  • anguilla Level 1 (5 points)
    OK guys - I have managed to find some answers for my display. Model number is M8536.

    I'm putting this here for completeness and the record in case anyone else looks for same info.

    Inverter cross reference by models - Apple monitors are on third page

    Cinema M8536 / M8537 inverter board page

    LCD TV Inverter Replacement Guide (general info)

    Inverter Instructions by Model (my model isn’t there but other Apples are and should be similar)

    Found a picture of my original Apple inverter here (no longer available, unfortunately)

    CCFL Backlight Lamps for Apple Models

    CCFL installation instructions for Laptops (none found for desktop monitors)

    I searched in vain for instructions for CCFL replacement for my monitor or it's equivalent. So I am still needing that if anyone has any experience doing it.

  • pat hughes Level 2 (215 points)
    Hi Mary, go here http://www.lcdpart.com/images/m7649.pdf
    this is for the 17 inch model but is almost identical in procedure for your 23. you can skip the part that requires you to disconnect the power switch. Make sure all the cables you disconnect go back in the same way you took them off. The inverter is easy to see when you remove the metal shield plate with a philips screwdriver. If you do not have the right allen keys to fit in the back cover removal and the leg removal, see if you can get one at Home Depot.Those screws are easy to strip and can also damage the tool if you don't have the right fit. You can also use a torx screwdriver that fits in snugly. The one I use has been purchased at Home Depot for around 6 bucks and has part number made by Husky HD-74502 W ( nice tool to have).It is a small grey model with 8 bit sizes. The inverter board of the M8537 also fits if you can find one. Check out eBay under Apple Cinema inverter. Good luck.
  • anguilla Level 1 (5 points)
    Thank you so much Pat!

    You give me courage.

    Now I just need some instructions for changing out the CCFL lights too. If I am gonna open the big guy up I think I should go ahead and replace those too as they are bound to be at the end of their life cycle too, I would think.

    In the meantime ... reporting from Plan B computer.
  • pat hughes Level 2 (215 points)
    Mary, if the monitor was nice and bright and there was no dark upper or lower portion before the screen went dead, then the ccfl lamps are still OK. CCFL lamps usually go gradually by a slow dimming progress. I would change first the inverter and check to see if all is OK at that point before you go and purchase the lamps. I have changed many lamps on the 23 inch Cinema Display and know all too well that they only have to be changed if they lose brightness. If you must change the lamps, the procedure is very simple. NO soldering necessary. Just follow the wires( pink and white ones) from the inverter to the lamps. You will see a tiny chrome philips head screw just where the wires enter the lamps. You will need to remove that before pulling out the lamps. If the lamps are hard to pull out, there is a screw half way the along the length of the lamp on the frame, that can be loosened (not removed) thereby making the lamp slide out. Be sure to put the monitor screen down on a soft towel on the table when you do this. Take note the facing position of the lamps. They face inward towards each other. The top one faces down and the bottom one faces up. The pink and white wires are fragile so try to pull the tubes out by their rubber tips.I will try to get a link to the procedure for this. Remember that small philips screwdriver I mentioned before? Work slowly and don't force anything, do the inverter first. If you get stuck let me know.
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    Mary thanks for the links; in my case my 23" lower 1/5 is dimmer than rest even with brightness set at max so it appears I need to replace the CCFL bulb(s)? If I read Pat's remarks, I need two of these, no soldering required, model MS30520 and they go for $19.90 each? Pat can you confirm?

    Also, is there a video on how to do this repair somewhere?