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So I want to create a new alias other than the one I have but I don't know how to do it. Is there a easy step to do this? Of course I know you can't change your alias name that you have but so I will just delete it. Thanks.
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    Hi Watchfuloneand!

    The Alias of the account you are using, cannot be changed, but you can create a new Discussions Account, with an Alias that you prefer.
    You cannot delete your present account. Just stop using it, after you have created a new one.

    You can use all of the same info in the new account, Email address, User name, etc, just be sure to insert a new Alias of your choosing.

    But your Level(0), Points(0), Total Posts(29), Total Posts Online(29) and Registered Date(6/23/09), will not be transferred.
    In the new account, your Post Counts, Points, & Level Status will all start at 0. Your Registered Date will be the date you create the new account.
    Your old account, with your previous counts & level, will still be viewable, under the old Alias.

    After you quit using the old account, those posts, will be archived. What that means is, that if there are no additional responses in the Threads they reside in, the Topics will get continually pushed down on the Topics list. After a certain amount of time, maybe 2 to 6 months, the Threads will be locked, so no responses can be entered. But the Threads will not disappear.
    Threads in heavily trafficked Forums, may be archived more rapidly, than those in areas with less activity.

    The Topics that you started using the old account, will show your Old Alias, in the Author field of a main forum page, but eventually, readers will have to keep going to the succeeding pages to view them.

    If someone were to do a Discussions Search, using these parameters:

    Restrict by Category or Forum: All Categories
    Restrict by Date Range: All
    Restrict by Username: Your Old Alias

    all of your posts, created since about 11/13/05, would be found.

    To create a new account,

    Log out of Discussions. Delete the Apple Cookies in your browser preferences. Then follow either of these instructions.

    -How Do I Create My Account?
    If you haven't signed up for an Apple ID for the Apple Store or AppleCare Support website (or forgot your old one), you can create a new account on the My Info webpage. Just click the "create one" link on the right side of the My Info page. Choose your country location and preferred language from the appropriate pop-up menus, then click Create Account. In the resulting page, enter a unique name (such as your email address) in the Apple ID field and fill in your other relevant information accordingly (fields marked with * are required). Click Continue to complete the process.

    -To register, click Login in the sidebar on the right side of the Discussions page. In the resulting page, click the "create one" link at the bottom of the page, then click "create one" in the subsequent page and follow the instructions to create an Apple ID. For more information, see the Apple ID FAQ page.

    Those instructions, and more info, can also be viewed by clicking on ?Help & Terms of Use, in the right column of Discussions pages.

    ali b
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    Thanks so much! I'll try it out.
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    How would I be able to delete the cookies? Not sure the steps of doing that. Thanks.
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    So I figured out how to delete the cookies and I logged in again. I guess what I'm trying to do is make a new alias instead of watchfuloneand. Is that called my alias? I didn't see an option to get a new one of those.
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    You're Welcome Watchfuloneand,

    As I described in My Previous Reply, create a new  Discussions Account with an Alias you prefer.

    ali b