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Hi, bit of a problem.
Have Ipod Touch - software version 2.2.1. (ive had ipods for about 6 years now - i refuse to pay apple for the pleasure of upgrading my software given the fact they've already got £160 notes off me for the **** thing)
Anyway - when i'm playing videos after a couple of minutes the screen goes green - the audio keeps going but just a green screen.
Ive had a look about the forum and the suggestions have been that the video is perhaps not compatible with the ipod but given that i acquired (and paid for) the videos on itunes, i doubt this.
My other half also got an ipod at the same time as me and is having the same problem.
Have done the whole restore thing and no luck.
Any ideas? im not getting 3.0 on principal!

HP Laptop, Windows Vista