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Hi, i recently noticed as i'm listening to music that some songs are displaying the album art of other songs instead of their own. Sometimes, i'll be listening to a song and instead of the album art that is supposed to be showing on the screen i get a screenshot from one of my videos as the album art instead. Since i have a lot of songs i would rather not go through all and check and fix it.

Is there a quick fix or atleast a way to prevent this from happening again?
Did i do something to causes this?

HP Media Center, Windows Vista, iPod Touch 1st Edition+3.0 update
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    Exactly the same problem here.
    Please help.
    The cover flow becomes totally useless.
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    I'm happy to tell that I found a sloution on this forum.

    1. Itunes -> Store -> Switch off Genius
    2. Itunes -> Ipod (right click) -> Backup
    3. Itunes -> Ipod -> Restore firmware
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    Yeah, but if i do the restore backup thing then

    A. Don't my ipod game data, settings, and screen organization get reset?
    B. It's switched in iTunes so it wouldn't make a difference reseting the iPod.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm thankful for the suggestion but i just don't want to restore my ipod because i'm afraid of losing my settings and data, also since this is a problem that is in my library (and i assume originated from here)i don't think it will work.