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  • Shaun Rosenberg Level 4 Level 4
    Mocha vnc connects to my machine but I get a black screen with the first centimeter of the screen displayed. This worked fine prior to 3.3.1....

    How do I revert?
  • Shaun Rosenberg Level 4 Level 4
    I downloaded vine server and it fixed my issue in 10 seconds...I just disabled osx screen sharing and remote management and run vine server...

    Looks like the ard client 3.3.1 is broken...
  • Smokin'X Level 1 Level 1
    I can connect after the updates, but only to my own (admin)account. I can't connect to other accounts that are logged in and active, so I can't help my wife and children any more. When I try to switch the account I briefly see the login-screen and then it closes.
    Nice thing about it is that I can now work on my Mac Pro even when familymembers are logged in and playing games or whatever, and I actually always wanted that feature!

    Perhaps that is what Apple is working on, but didn't get round to finish or test? Or they only tested with admin-accounts?
  • mking529 Level 1 Level 1
    We use Apple Remote Desktop here at our school to monitor student activity and I also use it to administer our XServe's. ARD has never been a terribly reliable piece of software(under load of monitoring a few hundred computers anyway), but this latest round of Admin and client updates has totally turned it into a lemon! Since "upgrading", I've had to reinstall the whole remote desktop app three times, losing all my data. When it does work, I like what this update could be. Before it starts locking up, it behaves a lot faster than it has been in the past, but unfortunately these good moments only last a few minutes before the whole app locks up. I've found that deleting /var/db/RemoteManagement will help with some freezes, but eventually the task server apparently fails, forcing me to restart my machine.

    I do hope this is fixed quickly. Between the 10.5.8 Server serial number fiasco and now this, it hasn't been too fun being a server administrator lately.
  • ÜberMacHead Level 3 Level 3
    A question for anyone experiencing this problem: On your affected computers (those which have Remote Administration enabled but cannot screen share), have any of them ever had any problems with the system that was repaired by Disk Warrior?
  • Shawnee Tribe Level 1 Level 1
    Same issue Core 2 Duo Mac Mini w/ intel integrated graphics. 3.3 ard agent [ok]
    ARD 3.3.1 gives BLACK SCREEN. iMac & MBP w/o integrated works fine.

    I have 10.6 on an external drive and it gave black screen as soon as I upgrade to 3.3.1 ARD
  • onesridhar Level 1 Level 1
    iMac running 10.6 and ARD 3.3. Use it to monitor and control MBP 2.4 GHz and an AluBook 1.33 GHz, both running 10.5.8,

    All updated as suggested by SoftwareUpdate. Clients updated to 3.3.1, admin remained at 3.3. Now if I try to send a sleep/wake/shutdown/etc. command, I get this message:

    This task will fail.
    "computer name" has newer Desktop Client Software.

    Since there's no 3.3.1 admin update, what are we supposed to do?
  • onesridhar Level 1 Level 1
    I downloaded the 3.3.1 client updater, ran it manually, and things seem to be working all right, so far. No idea why? Unless the client install on the admin system is essential for the admin utility to work okay.
  • ÜberMacHead Level 3 Level 3
    For anyone looking to solve this, or at least as a workaround, the following worked for me.

    1. Download and install Pacifist on your computer.

    2. Download the Remote Desktop 3.2.2 client updater.

    3. Mount the RD322 disk image.

    4. Launch Pacifist. Tell it to open a package, and point it to the RD322 updater package from the mounted disk image.

    5. Select the package from the list and click INSTALL.

    6. Pacifist will ask you if you want to replace several plist files. Answer in the affirmative (you DO want to replace them).

    7. Pacifist will ask you if you want to UPDATE or REPLACE several applications and services. You want to UPDATE, NOT*REPLACE.

    8. When it's done, quit Pacifist and restart your computer.

    9. When the desktop returns, check your preferences to make sure Remote Desktop access is enabled.

    That's it. I did this process on my Mac mini and can now happily access it via Remote Desktop, with all the trimmings.
  • suadm Level 1 Level 1
    We are experiencing somewhat of the same issue here. We have a "root" account that we install on every machine as a failsafe for administration purposes. Prior to 10.6 update as well as the 3.3.1 update to ARD, we were able to remotely share the screen of or take control of a users machine, whilst that user was logged in, we logged with our "root" account and make whatever changes were necessary to that users profile/machine. So using our "root" account would let us into a users environment. Since the update, it seems that our "root" account doesn't have the priveledges necessary to log into a users profile, or even log the user off the machine... So basically if a user is logged into the machine you are trying to remotely administer... you are SOL. This has become extremely frustrating over the last week. Also, our accounts are authenticated against a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain controller, which it should let the Domain Admin accounts administer the machine as well, also broken.
  • Paul Landers Level 1 Level 1
    I have noted since the upgrade to ARD 3.3.1 that screen sharing works only using the credentials for the ARD account. A screen share attempt using any other account just results in an authentication error, even though Remote Administration is set to permit all users.
  • dksp Level 1 Level 1
    I just managed to solve this problem between ARD Admin 3.3 and ARD Client 3.3.1.

    On my admin computer, I just downloaded the 3.3.1 Client software and reinstalled it over the existing one. I just tried a remote sleep command, and a Terminal command and it seems to work. I will see on monday at the office if it really works on all client computers.
  • BigTallGuy Level 1 Level 1
    UberMacHead's fix worked for me.

    His fix is fairly complex, but now my MBP can again access my iBook remotely since 'downgrading' the iBook to ARD 3.2.2

    BTW, I had no problems until I upgraded the MBP to Snow Leopard, then the dreaded blank screen started happening.

    The only problem with this fix, for me, is now once in a great while my iBook will crash and have a kernal panic while I'm controlling it via Remote Desktop.

    However, this is vastly superior to no Remote Desktop at all.

    It amazes me that Apple has never supported ARD worth a ****. I think this is the third time in as many years an ARD update has caused major near catastrophic problems!
  • edb007 Level 1 Level 1
    Updated three machines with ARD. Two are the same model and configuration. One machine says I am running system 10.4.11 the other reads in ARD as 10.5.8. Both are using 10.5.8. Restarted one machine and now it says ARD not active. Everything was working fine until the update. Anybody have a simple solution without reverting. Some of the machines are 300 miles apart. What would cause a machine with ADR to work one week then the next week say it is inactive?
  • James Rothschild Level 1 Level 1
    Would it be possible to send a Unix command via. Apple Remote Desktop 3.3 Admin to do what
    ÜberMacHead mentions above?

    I cannot get onsite to do it manually...
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