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My son's touch failed today. (it's not even 1 week old!) While he was playing the screen went black and the screen with the iTunes logo with a pic of the usb cable came on. When we got home and plugged in to iTunes, it made us download a new version and it made us 'restore'. We did all that and everything came back except for the apps that he bought directly from his touch. How do we get those back without having to rebuy? I tried to have him redownload them, and the touch is requesting that he pay for them again. HELP...
  • applegenius18 Level 3 Level 3
    There is a form that you can send to Apple so you can ask to redownload those apps for free. You'll have to search through the forums to look for the link.
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    Make sure when you connect the Touch that you are logged into the iTunes account that was used to purchase the apps on the Touch. When you go to download them again click on the button to buy them, it will then remind you that you have already purchased the app and ask if you want buy them again (you will be downloading them on your computer and then syncing them, not putting them directly on the Touch). You do not have to use any forms on the iTunes site.
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    You're the best! I was afraid to click buy...i didn't want to spend the money...but once I clicked 'buy' it did bring up a dialog box that said...i'd bought it before, did I want to redownload! HURRAY! Thanks so much.

    By the by, will this crashing thing happen a lot on my son's touch?
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    "will this crashing thing happen a lot on my son's touch?"

    There is no way to know such a thing.

    I have had an ipod touch for about a year and it has never crashed.

    Others have different experiences.