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I have recently downloaded the latest version of itunes for a new computer running Windows Vista. I already have an apple ID account to use with the store and have been able to access this on other computers, but every time I try to sign in on the new computer it has an error message that the "network connection has timed out". I have searched for help for this, which appears to be a common issue, and all the recommended solutions like checking firewall settings have not helped as I am still unable to sign in. My internet connection is fine, and I am able to access the store itself, just not my account.

If anyone could help with this problem I would be very grateful.

Windows Vista
  • Katrina S. Level 7 (24,095 points)
    Welcome to AD!

    Your new PC probably came with a trial version of Norton/Symantec. That is the firewall that most often causes problems with itunes. Even if you didn't use the trial, it can be blocking itunes.
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    Thanks for your help! I've just checked and my PC does have a version of Norton on it, so I've just disabled it and now itunes is working fine!
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    Excellent. If you ever want to uninstall that trial Norton, keep in mind that you need a special removal tool from Symantec. Simply uninstalling it via Add/Remove Programs does NOT delete it from your PC. It really is horrible software.
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    I am having the same issues and I have tried everything. Can anyone give me some guideance? Its not norton on my computer and everytime I run the diagnostics it says "passed" I am so frustrated!