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Hi there,

Recently when I start up my iMac (24" Intel 2.4Ghz aluminium) there are occasions where the mouse pointer is stuck in the upper left hand corner and won't move. The keyboard is likewise unresponsive so I am assuming the system is frozen? This happens only on startup.

This does not happen all the time, but it is frequent enough to cause concern. Does anyone have any suggestions why this may be happening?

I am currently running Leopard on version 10.5.8.

Thank you!

24" iMac Intel 2.4GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 16GB iPhone 3G, 1MB iPod Shuffle, AirPort Extreme
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    Hi James

    I occasionally have the same problem with my MacBook Pro. I had assumed it was because my Logitech Nano Mouse was not getting in Sync but as you say the keyboard is also unresponsive .

    The only solution I've found is to re-boot using the power Button


  • wolvesjames Level 1 (15 points)
    Hi 14kvn,

    Thanks for the reply! Yes, I've been doing the power button reboot too.

    I've had about ten or so start ups no problem, then just now it happened again. This time I was able to test whether the system had frozen or not as I had an external drive attached. I turned this off and it disappeared from the desktop and got the usual warning about turning off without ejecting. I have to conclude therefore that the system itself hasn't crashed or stuck. It must be that the wireless mouse and keyboard are somehow causing the problem and are not being recognised perhaps on some startups?

    I'm currently using the Apple wireless mighty-mouse and aluminum keyboard. I wonder if this could be a bluetooth or hardware issue then? Though it's never been a problem before.

    Any further thoughts in the community greatly appreciated