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I'm stumped. I have a script that I run hourly through launchd that makes sure my Mac is connected to the network shares it requires. It's a perl script and it iterates through an array of server and shares to make sure it's connected. For each, it calls the shell using mount_smbfs.

Here's the code that connects:

*print "Attempting to connect to \"$shareName\" on \"$serverName\".\n";*
*`mkdir '/Volumes/$shareName'`;*
*`mount_smbfs //$serverName/$shareName '/Volumes/$shareName'`;*

When I run this script from the command line, it works flawlessly, every time. When I run the same script through launchd, any shares that are disconnected produce this kind of error in the system log:

*smb_mount: open session failed!: syserr = Broken pipe*
*mount_smbfs: mount error: /Volumes/production: Broken pipe*

The weird thing is that I have this same script set up in launchd to run when I log in and it works at log in. It's the hourly attempts that fail. I've checked and they are the exact same command for each.

Any ideas?

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