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  • shlek Level 1 Level 1
    add another one to the list. same exact symptoms as all the other. 13" Macbook (White) Late 2006 1.83 GHz. Battery icon has big X on it and system will not work unless AC power connected. Having a hard time finding a replacement logic board, nobody has them in stock anymore. Maybe for the best considering this looks like a painful fix, the logic board is really buried deeeeep inside this machine. let us know if anyone finds a solution or if gets apple to do anything.
  • crl_mac_user Level 1 Level 1
    Having exact same problem. Black Mac Book purchased in 2007. 2GHz Intel Core Duo, 1 GB RAM. Dreaded battery icon with the X through it indicating no charging going on in spite of the AC plug in light being green. Tried SMC reset, firmware update, and eventually went to the Mac Genius bar where they indicated that is was likely to be the logic board since all else seemed to check out ok. The battery I have is apparently "good" except it can't get charged. So, it looks like the logic board is the problem per the Genius Bar and all these posts, unless it is a heating issue like the one guy in this forum mentioned. Guy at the Genius Bar suggested buying a different machine. I find it shocking that with all these posts with folks having the same problem, Apple is doing ZIPPO for their customers. Clearly there is a quality issue, if not a design flaw, in this model.
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    Add one more to the ever growing list!

    I have macbook white, purchased late 2006.

    Out of blue, it stopped detecting the battery (battery simply not detected, not recharging, magsafe is always green never turns amber).
    It only runs when connected to power (magsafe) but does not detect battery in any of the combinations. Tried all battery update software 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, all sort of reset methods and nothing changed!

    I have tried everything listed on the apple support (reset procedure etc) as well as in this forum and others. There is no change in the behavior.

    Its very clear that this is a design issue and judging by the people who reported in this thread as well as in other popular forums (macrumors etc) this is being experienced on the same sort of macbooks (late 2006 to 2007 white/black systems).

    Seriously, this is a typical, black n white, design flaw.
    Apple had a recall on batteries of these systems (2006-2007) which i found out when i was googling the issue i am experiencing.
    Now that page says the recall is ended. I can't get my head around it! I have a system thats purchased in that time frame which gone haywire recently. I did not receive an e-mail, reminder of any sort and only find out about this recall when i start googling.

    Apple must do something about this. NOW! Your customers will only get more alienated if your only answer is 'do you have apple care plan' when its obviosly a manufacturing/design issue.

    Just count how many people reported the very same issue here and google it to see the same on other popular mac forums.
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    I know this topic is old, but this just happened to me! I have tried resets, etc and nothing works. What is odd is that I just had to get a magsafe power cord as my old one burned out where the cable attaches to it. It looked like it actually burned up! I got a new one from apple. Everything was fine until last night and then the x appeared through the battery icon. I think I got my laptop at the end of 2006. Should I go to the apple store? A few months ago my hard drive crashed and I had to get a new one installed, so I will not be happy to have to get a new computer. If it is the logic board, $450 seems way too much as a new macbook is only $950 (a lot less than what I paid for mine).
    Thanks for any help!
  • jazzhand Level 1 Level 1
    I went to the genius bar yesterday and they tested my battery. The replaced the Battery Connector, with sleep switch (actual name) and x is gone from the battery icon! $12.50 plus tax.

  • Adrian Dolan Level 1 Level 1
    Hey, I like a cheap fix! I've also just gotten bit by the battery-X-bug (MBP 15", bought in mid-2007), along with no response from the battery check button on the actual battery. Leading up to this, I'd been getting random shut-downs while running on battery, which seemed to be happening sooner and sooner after startup, until it won't even start from battery at all. I also got some very trippy readouts in the weeks leading up to this, the battery menu would indicate "23:54" or some freakishly high number for the hours remaining.

    I'm wondering if this battery connector part replacement also fixed random shut downs for you (if you were experiencing them).

    Thanks for the glimmer of hope,


    jazzhand wrote:
    I went to the genius bar yesterday and they tested my battery. The replaced the Battery Connector, with sleep switch (actual name) and x is gone from the battery icon! $12.50 plus tax.

  • jazzhand Level 1 Level 1
    I did not have random shut downs, but it was only one day between my seeing the x and my going to the apple store. I definitely could not start up from the battery, but my laptop would run with power adaptor disconnected (I never found out how long as I was afraid to cause more problems. Good luck!
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    I've seen a couple references to going to the "genius bar" - what is that? I have the identical problem with a late 2006 mac book I just purchased. This computer had not been used in over 2 years, so I just figured on getting a new battery, and have one ordered. However, it seems there may be other issues that a new battery may not fix. If I can go to a "genius bar" and get a reasonably priced fix I will be very happy.
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    The genius bar is located in apple retail stores. You can reserve a 15 minute appointment ahead of time online. Just go here
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    Yes this is not the solution, and Yes I've done all of the troubleshooting. Since this topic has not yet been solved, I'd like to fit a couple of more pieces to the puzzle that WILL eventually be solved.
    1. As seen above, everyone's batteries aren't capable of booting the computers on their own. But what I've been able to do is switch out my *new AND old* battery several times and keep my computer from dieing.
    *Things to note* :
    X has been there the whole time when switching in and out
    Computer hasn't died yet
    2. Earlier (1-2 months ago) when this 'X' started to appear, it was intermittent. When the X showed up, and no AC power was being fed to the computer, it would die. When the X wasn't there, it would either show the battery life, or show that it was charging when connected to AC power. The X would appear when the AC Power was On or Off.
    3. I've noticed this computer has gotten *extremely hot* at points and time. I'm not talking about laying this on a blanket and using this, but actually setting this up on two books (elevated about 2-3 inches off of the desk) and still experiencing an extremely hot macbook (mainly around the center of the bottom side of the mac).
    Now that is my rap. Some may find this information irrelevant, but if you take a gander through all the posts in this thread, I think this information might help narrow down the problem.
    I also believe us as Mac users should be extremely frustrated with this problem hence it has been drifting on the internet for years, and the best solution so far is to BUY an expensive piece of equipment, the logic board (~450$). If they're selling *High Priced* quality items, they need to keep that word 'quality', or I'm back in the PC world.

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  • jazzhand Level 1 Level 1
    After I thought my problem was resolved the $12.50 part from the genius bar, the "X" has reappeared. This prompted me to call applecare. I wound up speaking to a supervisor, who promised that repair would cost no more than $250, for logic board replacement, and anything else they found to faulty. Sounds like a good deal to me! I do have one question and that is, how do I protect my apple mail program from unauthorized use while at apple? To work on the computer, they need the administrator's password. Short of removing apple mail all together and ideas?

  • odyssey_ofthemind Level 1 Level 1
    they want to charge you $250 for a logic board replacement?!?!?! they want to charge me $755!!!! i have the same problem except my macbook did "die"(it did turn on 4 a few seconds and then went to sleep mode and did not responded). Yes they want to charge me that amount because supposedly the apple technicians found traces of liquid damage, they can say whatever they want but i'm 100000% sure i did not spilled water on my expensive laptop. I have always been careful i even bought a keyboard cover, and outer protection so that it didn't get scratches or anything like that.
  • jazzhand Level 1 Level 1
    Actually that was a typo, it is $280, but that probably does not make you feel any better. It took a long time on the phone to arrive at that, using my best powers of negotiation. Sometimes it pays to be persistent.
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    I've been trying to work out a similar problem on my boyfriend's 2007 model White MacBook (80 GB HD, 2GB RAM, (running Leopard)

    He left it on overnight last night (downloading from iTunes) and when he tried to use it this afternoon, despite being on charge all night, as soon as he unplugged the power adapter, it shut down. The indicator lights on the battery underneath suggest that it's fully charged.

    We plugged the adapter back in and it shows an amber/green light intermittently. The battery indicator in the status bar flits from showing an 'x' - no battery detected - to 0%, and won't charge up. The laptop can't be used without being plugged in, despite the battery being full.

    The battery was brand new about 3 months ago, so shouldn't be a battery problem.

    I've tried a system management reset, taking the battery out, leaving it turned off to charge for a while, starting it with the power cord in then removing it, and any other solutions I could find on this forum, but all to no avail.

    Has anyone found a solution yet? Or is a trip to the Genius Bar?
  • jazzhand Level 1 Level 1
    I went to the genius bar today, just to make sure something wasn't wrong with the part they replaced several week ago. They gave me a brand new battery!!!! Brand new right out of the box, just for all my trouble! Unfortunately, I do have to send it to apple for a logic board replacement. But, still, I can't believe they would just give me a new battery.

    Sorry I don't have any answer other than it sure is worth a trip to the genius bar, and I have to drive almost two hours to the closest one!