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I am using a 15" MacBook Pro Early 2008 2.4ghz and I am experiencing very frustrating issues.
I was just browsing the web and suddenly the keyboard and trackpad died. I was not able to turn on the backlit lights nor was I able to see the green lightning circle when activation caps lock. Only the power button worked…
So I restarted and almost everything seems to be fine..almost: my trackpad won't recognize any 3 and 4 finger swipes. I already tried reenabling it in System Preferences but still no luck. It will probably work again when I restart the computer again but it still is a problem.

Also, I noticed that my MacBook Pro is giving me electric shocks while resting my hand on it! It sometimes also happens when I just type something.
This is really worrying me and it really hurts. It started happening when I went to an Asian country. Never happened before when I was in Europe. I hope it will stop when I am back but you never know..

Oh and before I forget. It happened before that when I touched the trackpad, it instantly gave me a shock and the keyboard and trackpad were dead...

MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz 2GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.8), early 2008