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After backing up my iMac hard drive to an external hard drive with SuperDuper, I closed SuperDuper and tried to eject the external hard drive so that I could disconnect it from my iMac and connect it to my MBPro.

However, I could not get it to eject after trying it several different ways by the symbol in Finder, by the Finder menu and by the eject button on the keyboard.

I finally turned the external drive power switch off and received the message that it had not been disconnected properly and may have damage data etc...

How can I safely disconnect the drive the next time I mount it?

Thanks for your help.


iMac (Tiger) and MBPro (Leopard), Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Did it give a reason?

    Was this the first time using the drive? I wonder if Spotlight might have been trying to index the drive. You could stop that by adding the drive to Spotlight's privacy list.

    What kind of drive (Firewire, USB)?
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    As was indicated, adding the drive to the privacy list for Spotlight helps. Of course this will limit your ability to search for files on that hard drive.

    Ensuring no other application is reading or writing to the drive before you wish to eject it is another.
    Shutting down the computer before disconnecting the drive will also work safely.

    Since you had to remove it once unsafely, make sure the next time you connect it, any data you don't have elsewhere is backed up*:


    and then repair its directory*:


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    The external drive is USB.
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    I intended to add that it was the first time I used the drive; also, the reason given was that it was in use - however, I had closed all of the programs etc and couldn't eject the drive. The drive is USB.