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I recently had my mac in for repair due to a faulty graphic card showing just a stripy screen. since its return i have been unable to connect to the intrrnet. i have managed only once when playing with the settings but when shut down and started up the nexy dy, the internet connection is gone, but the computer is perfectly connected to my wireless internet. My flatmate has the same macbk pro, but a few months youngrr, and connects just fine. when fiddling with settings, i find that the isp is not working which i believe is causing the internet failure?
many thanks

nb apologies for typos- currently relying on iPod Touch.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Funny thing...I have the exact problem with the exact same set of circumstances. My graphics card went south and the system board was replaced under the Nvidea warranty. I get back home and I can connect via wireless or wired but I can't get a proper IP address...just self assigend (so look in network settings and see if that is the case with you). I fiddled and fiddled and fiddled. Nothing would work. I even entered everything in networking manually and still no internet.

    Called Apple tech support...no help. Went back to store and the laptop connected fine to their wireless network. Hmmm. Get back home and everything is fine. Ok...I must be an idiot. Then a few days later...I loose my IP address again. Darn it!

    So I did some more digging and looked at logs. I discovered that my firewall (the built in one in Mac), which was set to let only specific services through was blocking the IP assignment process. Ok...don't know why. I set it to let only essential services...still no new IP just self assigned. Set to allow all incoming connections and wallah! IP address and internet. So check that out.

    Now I will post my question too because that is why I came here in the first place and I find it very coincidental (actually too) that if you are having the same issue as me with getting self-assigned IP address after system board upgrade and the firewall is your issue too. Hmmm...something isn't quite right. I might try and make an appt at the store to see if I can get some help there.

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    Question...do you have VMware installed on your computer? Curious if we have a common program that could have caused our issue?
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    i am not aware that i have that installed but i do think itnis a firewall issue. it has come to the point where i am not using my mac at all as i have no use without it( updating my iPod Touch is a
    nightmare with the authorization now)

    i think when i can i will ask in store- i'm guessing i might need an appointment.

    thanks for informing me- glad to know its not just me!

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    I am currently having this problem. Brought home MacBook Pro from work, connects fine to Airport Express, but FF and Safari say internet is not connected.

    Tried restarting both Airport Express and cable modem.

    Regarding Airport Express: I can connect from the Finder menu, but not through Safari's Network Diagnostics assistant ("unable to join the Airport Network").
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    I am pleased to hear this only because I thought I had a virus that was manipulating my firewall. My graphics/logic board died due to a known but not publicized defect. Replaced under Applecare in July. Since then, unless firewall is set to "allow all incoming connections", I cannot connect to the internet by either airport express, or direct ethernet cable.

    Once I get an initial connection I can then switch the firewall to "Set access for specific services..." and everything operates as it should until I shut down my computer and leave it overnight. Then the same problem presents and I must change the firewall setting to get the initial connection. If I shut the computer down, and if, start up is more or less immediate, this problem does not present.
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    we have the same problem. all three of us are using a macbook pro and while wehave full airport connectivity, we can't connect to the internet. the problem goes away when we reset our router. our imacs don't have this problem. a friend of mine bought a new macboo pro unibody and he also have this problem.
    we have disabled the itunes helper in the startup applications. it seems to solve the problem a little bit, but we still loose connection with the router at least two times a week