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This is the 4th time I've lost over 200 contacts, this cannot keep happening!!!
I just hooked up my iphone to my new MBP and it said there was a new update available, I also checked "sync contacts with address book". Why is it not putting my iphone contacts into the address book?? I guess I need to look up in Websters what "sync" means.

This is disturbing.

15" MB Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.8 Ghz 4 GB
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    If there are no contacts or calendar entries on your computer, then it will erase the iphone when you first sync.

    You need to have at least one unique entry, then you should get the option to merge the data.

    Once you have the contacts on your computer and iphone, then you should sync regularly.
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    Could you please define "sync" for me. I'm not being a wise guy but I need to know in Apple lingo what this means. I would assume it means putting my iphones info in the address book if it's not there. This really really needs to be spelled out much more clearly in itunes and when newbies like me hook up incorrectly a warning should appear asking us if we are sure we want to proceed.
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    I will NEVER sync my iphone again unless I'm sitting at the genius bar.
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    Are you saying if I manually enter all my phone contacts in my MBP "address book" and hook my iphone up again via itunes that it will enter all the contacts into my iphone.
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    When you connect for the first time and the computer is blank, the computer will erase the contents and replace with what is on the computer. If you have unique contacts on the computer, then you will have the option to merge.

    After this, then it will sync - meaning both ways. The newest info will be on both computer and iphone.

    The iphone is not a stand alone device - it is meant to be used with your computer. When you change computers, it is a good idea to move all of the info from your old computer ( or your back up info) to your new computer, then sync. This way all of the info is on the computer when you first sync.

    The iphone is not intended to be a back up device.
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    So...I better start adding contacts to my Macbook address book? Then sync/merge again and they will appear in my iphone? right??
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    Anything in your Macbook address book should sync with your iphone. If you have contacts in both, then you should select merge.

    You should always keep you contacts in address book and sync your iphone regularly so that they are both in sync. This way if your iphone has an issue, you can re-sync without losing any contacts.
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    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
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    Hope it helps.