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Hey all,
This is my first post here and I hope everybody is doing fine. My first issue is Quick Time 64 Bit for PC, When will apple realse a 64 Bit version of QT? I am using a Dell XPS with Vista 64 on it and my problem is that while straming QT movies from any website using any web browser, the progress bar & QT controls just disappear and are replaced with a black bar. I know that they still work but really what good is a progress bar if u can not see it.

The Other issue that I have encountered (a more serious one) with QT is that the 64 bit 3D apps like Cinema 4D just lose all thier QT functionality like creating panorama renders because of the lack of 64 Bit version of QT for PCs.

I hope that Apple considers releasing a 64 Bit version of QT for PCs


Dell XPS, Windows Vista