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Does anyone have any idea where the heck the preferences settings went for Quicktime X?

I used to be able to extract audio or video tracks and adjust all sorts of things with my Quicktime Pro 7.


Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    I'm trying to find the preferences to enable video clips to automatically play without having to press play (or spacebar) to start every single video that Quicktime X opens... Maybe there is something Apple can do to enable the preferences menu like Quicktime 7 had? At least to give users the basic options they might want/need (like autostart and other basic options present in the General tab of the Quicktime 7 Preferences)....
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    At least I discovered that I can reinstall Quicktime 7 from the SL DVD's Optional Installs folder. I thought there was a SNAFU after the SL install when I found QT7 in my Utilities folder, and thought "hmm, I don't need this anyway" and trashed it!

    Reinstalling from the DVD even found my QT Registration, so I can at least manipulate videos at a rudimentary level.
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    That will do it, but there should be another way! Maybe Apple will update Quicktime to enable the Preferences like they have always been part of Quicktime (and basically every single application ever made for Mac OS X except Quicktime X)...
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    Based on apples previous form, I'd say that Quicktime X was not finished on time for the release. If you have a look at Quicktime 7, as comes with the Snow Leopard install, it's called an "engineering build" which i take to mean that it is a build that was developed pre-release to test functionality and they have shipped it as a stop-gap until Quicktime X is finished
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    Since there are no "user defined" settings in QuickTime X there is no need for "preferences".
    QuickTime Player (or Pro) still has user defined setting options.
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    QuickTime Pro for QT X is missing everything, no exporting, no playback on launch controls, no prepare for streaming options, nothing. HUGE step backwards now that in QT X there is no "Pro" version at all.
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    Quicktime X also has a minimum screen size of 478 x 359 pixels. If you have a smaller video file, like 320 x 240, it's played at the larger size resulting in a pixelated/fuzzy presentation.

    It doesn't look quite ready for prime time.

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    Here is an indirect way to change some of the missing preferences in Quicktime X (via Terminal.app):

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    Here is a direct way to change some of the missing preferences in Quicktime X: