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Hi! I'm new to the world of ipod and I am thrilled with my nano 16 GB. Unfortunately, I had no idea I needed a lot more space for my music and pictures. I am looking to purchase the classic 120 GB but have several questions. Can the Classic be used with the iHome speakers and accessories that I already have for the nano? Also, I would love any suggestions for covers that would be great for both the nano and classic. I've read many reviews but still am unsure as to which one is the best. I thank anyone that replies and have an awesome day!

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    Very probably, yes, you will be able to use the same docking stations etc. - different dock adapters, but this is provided with the iPods.

    As for a case, I strongly recommend you try a Zagg InvisibleShield - it's basically just an almost invisible clear film cover that is scratchproof and has a lifetime guarantee. Google it or visit <www.zagg.com>. There are videos/tests of the case on the website - they are very impressive and I have them on several of my electronic devices, including iPods.